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Graduate College

Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships

For Graduate Students - Forms, Resources and Information 

Graduate Assistantship Handbook

Application Form for Graduate Assistantship & Position Descriptions - Excel Format

Application Form for Graduate College Tuition Scholarship - Excel Format

Academic Requirements and Student Requests (Summer 2013)

Graduate Assistantship and Graduate College Tuition Scholarship FAQs

For University Departments - Forms, Resources and Information

Graduate Assistantship Handbook

Procedures and Information for Completing Graduate Assistantship & GC Scholarship Paperwork

Graduate Assistantship and Graduate College Tuition Scholarships Training Presentations

Guidelines for the Administration of Graduate College Tuition Scholarships

2017-18 Under-Represented Minority Support Request Form (For academic departments with graduate program)

Extra Graduate College Support Request Form

How to verify GA Requirements for PAF Preparers

Link to Human Resource Services - PAF System Support:

Graduate Assistant Performance Appraisal Form

Policy on Teaching Assistant Evaluation and Training

Graduate Assistantship Position Descriptions and Possible Duties

Graduate Assistant Position in the Graduate College

Graduate Assistant for Graduate Professional and Community Development (Position is filled for 2017-18)

Graduate Assistant for Online Content and Electronic Media (Position is filled for 2017-18) 

Graduate Assistant for UNIversitas (Position is filled for 2017)