Achieve beyond by accelerating your way to a graduate degree with our combined degree programs. These accelerated programs allow you to start earning a graduate degree while an undergraduate student at UNI. The accelerated degree option is a faster, more affordable route to the benefits of graduate education. As an accelerated degree student, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Challenge yourself with graduate-level coursework.
  • Learn from exceptional graduate faculty who will mentor and guide you.
  • Quickly gain advanced knowledge in your field.
  • Join a network of successful professionals and graduate alumni.

Discover our Accelerated Degree options

Masters in Athletic Training, MATR

athletic training

UNI's athletic training program has a legacy of student success. The first accredited program in Iowa to offer the Master of Athletic Training (MATR), this program prepares you to make impactful contributions as a health care professional. 

Communication & Media, MA

professional communication setting

This accelerated MA provides students with graduate-level training to help them fulfill their academic and career goals, whether that’s obtaining professional employment, enrolling in a PhD program, or upskilling in a current profession.

History or Public History, MA

historical building

The University of Northern Iowa offers a Master of Arts in History. The program prepares students to pursue history-related careers in the public and private sectors, teach at the community college level, or further their graduate studies.

Next Steps


  • Students must submit an application to the Graduate College during their junior year or at the completion of 75 undergraduate hours (whichever comes first).
  • Minimum number of completed undergraduate hours to begin enrollment in graduate courses: 90 hrs.
  • Completion of undergraduate degree: 12 months from first day of the semester for which the student was admitted to the 4+1 (Ex: From beginning spring 2022 to the end of spring 2023.

Academic Regulations

  • Admission with provisions does not apply.
  • Students in combined degree during a transition period are also subject to graduate regulations/procedures.
  • Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • A student on GPRE status (transition period) who fails to maintain good academic standing will be removed from the combined degree program.
  • Students dismissed from the combined degrees program are eligible to pursue a traditional graduate degree program in accordance with the admission policies set by each program at UNI.
  • One graduate culminating project (non-thesis research paper, thesis, etc.) is needed to fulfill the degree requirements.

Shorten your path to success

Your senior year will also be your first graduate year. While you're wrapping up your degree, you can enroll in graduate classes.

  • At the end of the senior year, students will have completed the BA/BS requirements and may participate in the graduation ceremony of their bachelor’s degree.
  • Students are assessed undergraduate tuition fees until the undergraduate degree is conferred.
  • **The year-by-year cost of MATR differs from other accelerated degree programs** 
Graduating student

This would be your second graduate year. After you finalize your undergrad degree, you'll be an official graduate student.

  • During the second year of the program, students fully enroll into their graduate degree program.
  • Students will be assessed graduate-level tuition and fees in the semester after the bachelor’s degree has been conferred. 
  • Graduate students should complete a degree program and apply for graduation in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Graduate College.
Working professional