This award was more than a tap on my shoulder for keeping an outstanding GPA, it allowed me to persist in the program and complete my degree.

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Graduate College Tuition Scholarships: Things to Know


Application for Graduate College's Tuition Scholarship

Basic Information
This status determines at which rate your tuition is billed.
Incoming or Prospective students must start their application for admission to receive their UID.

The following question is optional and will not affect admission nor funding decisions. This information will not be reported to any decision-making unit.

Program and GPA
Select your plan of study in the "Primary Program" field below. If enrolled in multiple programs, select your main program. Tuition Scholarships will be awarded considering the main program only.
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Awards and Honors
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  • Submission of this form is a certification that the information reported is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.
  • Submission does not guarantee you will be awarded a scholarship.
  • Questions should be addressed to the unit you are applying to.