Application for Graduate Assistantship

Employment opportunities for you as an eligible Graduate Assistant.

The Graduate College is here to help you financially. Our Graduate Assistantships (GA) provide UNI graduate students with funding through the form of a stipend so you can go the extra distance. 

...I had the opportunity to get exposed to people from different majors and different backgrounds outside of my cohort while I worked as a GA...

Sydney Cindrich

Important Reminders

  • The GA Application will be sent to the unit/program selected; thus, separate applications must be submitted if applying for multiple positions. Only one submission per opening is needed, sending more than 1 application per position will be considered as SPAM and might impact negatively on your consideration for the position.

  • Timing of decisions and funding availability vary among departments and units.

  • Conditionally admitted students due to GPA reasons are not eligible for funding.

  • Admission acceptance letters do not include an offer of funding, nor is it implied. You must apply separately for financial support (graduate assistantships, scholarships or Financial Aid). Students will be notified separately of any funding they might receive.

  • Do not attach transcripts, these materials are not required to make hiring decisions.

Graduate Assistantship Application Form

Important: The submit button will not appear until all of the mandatory fields have been completed accurately.

Basics: Contact and Student Information

In order to apply for funding, you're required to at least start and submit your application for admission which will grant you an UID number.

if you're a current UNI student, we recommend using your UNI email address

This status is used to determine at which rate your tuition is billed

Non-resident spouses of GAs receive tuition billed at the resident rate.
Academic Information

Cannot find your program? Check with them to confirm eligibility for funding.

Cannot find your program? Check with them to confirm eligibility for funding.

Convert and enter standard GPA value

Convert and enter standard GPA value

Convert and enter standard GPA value
Eligibility note
You've entered a Ugrad GPA value below 2.75. As a reminder, Undergrad or Grad GPA must be 2.75 or higher to be eligible for funding, returning students must have a GPA 3.0 or higher. You can still submit your application, though.
Assistantship Type

Both new and returning students should apply for funding, check with your program coordinator to verify returning students should resubmit this form to renew their funding.

Since you've selected Com & Media, your department doesn't require you to submit this form. If you're granted admission without provisions, you will be considered for funding automatically, per departmental admission policies

Since you've selected Academic Department, we'll use your primary program information to send your application to your academic department coordinator and/or secretary.

Non-Academic units currently hiring

Relevant Experience and Background

References (Optional)
If needed, enter three references and contact information for each person. Further information may be requested by the hiring department. This is optional. Letters of recommendation should not be attached to this form.

Upload one file per field, 28 MB limit. Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx. Transcripts or Letters of Recommendation for admission should not be attached to this form.

Please select any available academic year and make sure you've checked each statement above

Contact for any issues while working on this form.