Graduate College

Your Work with Graduate Students

Financial Support for Graduate Students 

The Graduate College has two types of financial support that is allocated to graduate programs, which are awarded to qualifying graduate students.  The department/program decides which students to award these to and then submits appropriate paperwork to the Graduate College for processing. All official award offers to the students come from the Graduate College, not the program. 

  • Graduate Assistantships
    • This is an employment position for either full-time (20 hrs per week) or half-time (10 hours per week). 
    • Student receives a monthly paycheck at the end of each month of the awarded semester.
    • Benefits provided to those holding a Graduate Assistantship for the entire semester are:  Tuition billed at the in-state rate for non-resident student and spouse; and student can purchase an “A” faculty/staff parking permit
  • Graduate College Tuition Scholarships 
    • Awarded as full (covers full in-state tuition for the semester) or half (covers half in-state tuition for the semester).  This scholarship does not cover additional or mandatory fees.
    • This scholarship is applied to a student’s u-bill for the awarded semester by the first day of classes.
    • No work is required when receiving this award.  

Additional allocations of funding are available from the Graduate College for: 

  • Graduate academic departments to request support for qualifying minority students. 
  • All University departments to request “Extra” support for a specific student or project. 

• See the Graduate Assistantship Handbook for details.

Comprehensive Exams and Culminating Documents

Programs may require students to pass a comprehensive examination, or complete some alternative comprehensive requirement, as long as this is clearly stated in the UNI Catalog degree statement. See

Non-thesis students have some type of culminating paper, project, written, or report on an internship that they are required to complete to graduate. The department sets the guidelines and deadlines for submission of these items. They are not submitted to the Graduate College. The department reports the successful completion to the Graduate College and the Registrar’s Office.

Thesis students and doctoral students submit their thesis/dissertation to the Graduate College, following the format in the Thesis and Dissertation Manual, available at There are several steps that must be followed leading up to a thesis/dissertation approved by the Graduate Dean. Relevant deadlines for each term are on the Graduate College website at

1. Committee approval: Committee members must be members of the UNI Regular Graduate Faculty.

2. Document preparation: There may be a departmentally required proposal defense prior to conducting the research.

3. Preview Meeting with the Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer: Required before final submission will be allowed. May be conducted by email. Must meet the deadline or wait until the next term for preview.

4. Submission to the Graduate College: Thesis/Dissertation must have all committee signatures. One paper copy and also electronic submission. Must meet the deadline for the term to be eligible to graduate in that term.

5. Final corrections and library electronic archiving permission.

6. Graduate Dean signs signature pages.