Graduate College

Who’s Who in the Graduate College

Jennifer Waldron, Graduate College Dean and Associate VP Research & Innovation

• Provides strategic leadership for the Graduate College

• Makes allocations of assistantship and scholarships to departments

• Approves Associate Graduate Faculty status

• Approves all theses and dissertations that have passed final review

Gabriela Olivares, Associate Dean of the Graduate College

• Your contact for any questions regarding graduate student advising, policies, procedures, student requests, recency, other issues

• Acts on graduate student requests

• Facilitates committees for faculty research/creative activity and teaching awards and student research/creative activity awards

• Reviews students for academic probation and suspension

• Advises prospective graduate students unsure of which program is right for them

Rubina Chowdhury, Graduate College Secretary

•The person to call when you don’t know who to call or need any help

• Administrative support for Dean and Associate Dean

• Assists with administration of all Graduate College Faculty and Students awards, Summer Fellowship, PDA etc.

• Organize the Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting and Award Ceremony

• Process & maintain regular Graduate Faculty & Associate Graduate Faculty nominations

• Process & maintain all Graduate Coordinators changes 

• Responsible for Graduate College website

Lisa Steimel, Financial Secretary

• Administers Graduate Assistantships and Graduate College Tuition Scholarships

• Reviews/approves all Graduate Assistants PAFs, regardless of funding source

Susie Schwieger, Director of Graduate Student Life

• Recruiting of graduate students. Attends graduate and professional school fairs around the Midwest

• Provides career services for graduate students—resume/CV and cover letter review/advice

• Organizes Graduate College events, such as the Graduate Student Information Meeting, Thinking about Graduate School, professional development workshops, and the Graduate Student Symposium in April

• Responsible for maintaining the graduate student Online Orientation

• Coordinates submissions and production of the UNI Grad Student News monthly newsletter

Kathryn Wohlpart, Thesis & Dissertation Services Coordinator

Helpful Links: Graduate Faculty Constitution, Searchable Graduate Faculty List, and Brown Bag Lecture Series
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