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Graduate College

Graduate Education Strategic Plan

Personal Goals, Personalized Excellence

The University of Northern Iowa

Graduate Education Strategic Plan

2011 - 2016


The Graduate College provides campus-wide leadership for Graduate Education, with the cooperation and collaboration of the five Academic Colleges and other divisions of the University. This strategic plan is a joint endeavor created and supported by all of the Colleges and those divisions, as well as by the University administration.


Graduate Education at the University of Northern Iowa provides selected programs of advanced study, research and creative activity grounded in a personalized and diverse graduate community that prepares successful practitioners, scholars and professional leaders.


Graduate Education at the University of Northern Iowa will be a premier choice for students desiring a world-class education in a personalized graduate environment.

G1. Objective 1:  Maintain strong standards for quality in graduate education, while addressing the unique needs of programs and students in a fair and equitable manner

G1. Objective 2:  Increase the rigor and effectiveness of Student Outcomes Assessments for graduate programs

G1. Objective 3:  Increase the opportunities for all graduate students to participate in applied and scholarly research and creative works with the support of faculty


G2. Objective 1:  Articulate a clear rationale for the unique role of graduate education in fulfilling UNI’s mission, and clearly and consistently communicate this rationale to all relevant audiences 

G2. Objective 2:  Enhance the attractiveness and visibility of UNI’s high quality graduate programs to a diverse range of potential students

G2. Objective 3:  Work with University Relations, College Deans, and Department Heads to publicize effectively the achievements and contributions of current graduate students, graduate faculty and alumni

G2. Objective 4:  Develop clear strategies to attract and retain students from diverse backgrounds to UNI’s graduate programs

G3. Objective 1:  Encourage the maintenance and development of interdisciplinary graduate programs and experiences that meet the educational and professional development needs of students and faculty

G3. Objective 2:  Offer distance and online graduate program options that meet the highest standards of academic rigor and professional preparation

G4. Objective 1:  Sustain and enhance UNI’s capacity to offer appropriate and rigorous graduate education opportunities to teachers and administrators in the Pre-K through 12 educational system

G4. Objective 2:  Encourage community engagement and service activities among faculty and students as a vital part of graduate education 

G4. Objective 3:  Monitor the professional development needs of Iowa’s citizens in a variety of fields, to make appropriate changes in current graduate offerings and to develop new programs that can be clearly justified in terms of these needs

G5. Objective 1:  Maintain or increase the number of Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships that are available to attract top quality students to our programs, and allocate them according to clear criteria that support the goals and objectives of the Graduate College and the University

G5. Objective 2:  Encourage the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty who are committed to graduate education and support these faculty members in serving graduate students

G5. Objective 3:  Work with the Office of Sponsored Programs, UNI Foundation, and graduate programs to increase the availability of external funding to support graduate students

G5. Objective 4:  Support graduate faculty in research, scholarship, and creative activities