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October 29, 2020

UNI to offer new scholarship to underrepresented graduate students

The Graduate College is pleased to announce a new scholarship that will support graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds who are committed to diversity and inclusion initiatives, especially in their field of study.

The Diversity Advancement Award will support incoming graduate students with their transition into graduate school and offer support throughout their graduate education. This award will also provide the awardee with mentorship from the Graduate College; the aim is to work with the DIAA recipients to foster initiatives that will have an impact across the graduate community at UNI and beyond.

“With the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Advancement Award, we are working to recognize and remove some of the barriers underrepresented students may face that prevent them from having the same opportunities as their peers,” said Graduate College Dean Jennifer Waldron. 

The DIAA will be integral to the Graduate College's commitment to access, equity, justice, and inclusion. Through this award, students will be provided the support they need to explore the possibilities that a graduate education has to offer. The Graduate College wants to recognize the impact and work graduate students are doing and provide an avenue for them to lead.

“Our graduate community is enriched by individuals who, through their various backgrounds and life experiences, contribute to an intellectually challenging and inclusive educational environment," continued Dean Waldron.

The scholarship is available to first-year graduate students, but can be extended into a second year with satisfactory academic progress. Applications are due Feb. 15.

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