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September 8, 2021

Faculty Profile: Dr. David Schmid

I am currently entering my sixth year as a full-time faculty member after 10 years and adjunct while I worked in university housing for 17 years. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Human Resource Management from the University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a Master of Science degree in Counseling and Student Personnel from Oklahoma State University, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: Postsecondary Education, Student Affairs.

What research or project are you currently working on? What is its goal?

My current research is a self-study completed with three other pre-tenure faculty members in our department. This is a follow-up to a self-study that I completed with Dr. Matt Townsley last academic year. Our method was based on participant observation, communication, and feedback with reflection. Data analysis entailed going back over meeting notes, reflections, and observations to look for themes in our conversations and reflections.

Our goal for the project was to be able to grow in our teaching abilities and receive feedback from peers.  In addition, bi-weekly group meetings allowed us to examine our teaching processes and roles as faculty members.  It ended up being a wonderful group where support and challenge were always present. 

How did you become involved in this research?

During my first year as a professor, I worked with three other pre-tenure faculty members on an article that discussed our connections as practitioners moving into professor roles. As we wrote that project, I was exposed to literature about self-study and was interested in continuing this research to consistently improve my teaching abilities. 

What communities will this project impact and how so?

This project will impact our teaching skills and knowledge about teaching, ultimately impacting our students. As the group involved teach undergraduate, masters and doctoral students in the College of Education, our reach will be quite large.

What colleagues, students, or others have inspired your work in this area?

I am always inspired by my students in any project and always have the goal to increase my teaching abilities to prepare them for success in academics and their future professional lives. 

If graduate students aid in this research, how does this benefit their graduate experience?

[Our] GA, Anne Raecker, assisted with literature review elements.  During the process, she discussed how much she learned and appreciated looking at the articles she had discovered.


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