Graduate College

Graduate Transfer Credit

Credit from Other Institutions (Transfer Credit)

Graduate credit earned at other regionally accredited colleges and universities may be accepted to a maximum of one-third of the minimum number of hours required by a particular UNI graduate degree program, but specialist and doctoral programs may allow a smaller fraction of transfer hours. Credits earned from other institutions will not satisfy the minimum required number of credits at 200/6000-level course requirement (or 200/6000- 300/7000–level requirement for doctoral degrees). The minimum credit hour requirement at 200/6000 level must be met with UNI classes. Credits not needed to meet degree requirements will not be transferred. Transfer credit is not processed for students in non-degree status at UNI.

A student pursuing a graduate degree program should discuss plans to transfer credits with the program advisor as soon as possible. Academic departments are not obliged to count toward their degree programs any credit for course work undertaken without specific advice provided by the department. All transfer courses must meet the following criteria:

  • Course must be a regular graduate course with a graduate course number (not professional development or college credit through an Educational Agency or conference).
  • Course must be taken by the student in graduate status, and the official transcript must show a grade of B or better earned.
  • Course must meet the UNI seven-year recency requirement (ten-year for the Ed.D.).

The official transcript and any other documents required upon request are used by the Office of Admissions After a completed course has been ruled eligible, the student may submit an online Student Request to transfer the course and use it on the graduate degree. Application of eligible transfer courses to the UNI degree program requires approval by the department/graduate program on the student request.

Current students considering taking a course at another institution to use on the UNI degree should seek approval from the department prior to enrolling for the course. Transfer courses taken after degree admission will not be processed or approved for the degree until official transcripts for these courses are filed with the Office of Admissions.

Graduate programs or the Graduate College may request additional materials such as course outline, syllabus or accreditation information to evaluate course eligibility for transfer to UNI or application to a plan of study at UNI.  Approval to apply any transferred credits toward a degree program must be granted by the student's academic advisor, and the program head or graduate coordinator.