Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #998

Graduate Council Minutes No. 998

January 27, 2011


Present:  Clayton, Czarnetzki, Etscheidt, Hays, Hood, Husband, Licari, Pohl, Schuchart, Stalp, Waldron, Wartick, Wurtz

The meeting was called to order by Clayton who welcomed everyone back for the new semester.  Clayton also introduced Cheryl Nedrow, the new secretary for the Graduate Council. 

Minutes from the October 28 and November 11, 2010 meetings were distributed for review.


Motion by Czarnetzki to approve the minutes from the October 28, 2010 meeting as distributed; seconded by Waldron.  Motion approved.


Motion by Hays to approve the minutes from the November 11, 2010 meeting as distributed; seconded by Etscheidt.  Motion approved.


Licari reported that graduate assistantship and scholarship allocations will go out on Tuesday and minority assistantship information will go out early next week.  Actual amounts for the assistantship stipends and tuition scholarships have yet to be determined.  He also noted that the university had requested a 7% tuition increase with an actual increase that could range from 1-7%.


Licari added that he appreciates that Provost Gibson is adamant that the amount for scholarships and assistantships not be cut; the amount may not be more, but will not be any less.


Regarding budget information, Licari noted the governor has proposed a $28 million cut to the Board of Regents institutions, with UNI’s portion to be approximately $6 million.  He also noted that it is the beginning of the legislative session and the amount could be modified as the process moves forward.


Licari announced that the Graduate Student Research Symposium is coming up in April; creative performances will take place on Monday, April 11 and the poster and oral presentations will take place on Wednesday, April 13.  He noted that the application is on the web and there will be prizes for best performance, poster, and presentation.   He also encouraged council members to encourage students to participate and added that the symposium is a great opportunity for graduate students to experience a professional-style conference.


Licari reported that Schwieger is doing well and wished her the best.


Related to the draft Graduate Education Strategic Plan that was distributed via e-mail, Waldron informed the Council that she received a number of e-mails from faculty, staff and students with great feedback.  It was mentioned that President Allen had reviewed the draft strategic plan; his comments were discussed.  The committee will be meeting again on Wednesday of next week.


Waldron announced that the first Graduate College Brown Bag of the semester will take place on Tuesday, February 22.  Tammy Gregersen, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature will be presenting, "Effective Affective Teaching."  Kavita Dhanwada, Associate Dean of CNS and Associate Professor of Biology will be presenting a Brown Bag in March.  A topic for the March Brown Bag has not been provided as yet.


Clayton thanked everyone for looking into the double counting and transfer credit issue that was initiated via e-mail.  The current double counting policy as well as the revised policy were reviewed and discussed at length.   The most recent wording on the proposed new policy is as follows:


“A maximum of 6 hours of graduate credit applied to meet the requirements of a doctoral degree may be applied to both the doctoral degree and an additional graduate degree beyond a first Master’s  degree.  No course may apply to both the first Master’s degree and a doctoral degree.  No course may be applied to more than two degrees.  At least 2/3 of the minimum hours required for a graduate degree must be UNI courses taken only for that degree.  Any combination of transfer hours and hours applied to another degree may make up no more than 1/3 of the minimum hours required for a graduate degree.  Some programs may impose lower limits." 


Pohl moved to approve the policy as worded.  Waldron seconded.


Various scenarios for double counting and transferring courses were discussed.  It was noted that Pam MacKay in the Registrar’s Office has been consulted and agreed that the revised policy should cover everything.  Motion passed.


Licari asked the Council for input, as he had been asked by the Registrar to consider a second graduation ceremony for graduate students.  This change would be due to the ceremony moving from the UNI-Dome to the McLeod Center.  Some comments included that it would be nice to distinguish graduate students’ accomplishments, however it would shut graduate students off from the rest of the students.  It was also mentioned that there would be a benefit of undergraduates seeing Masters and Doctoral students.  There were concerns about low attendance of a separate ceremony.  A suggestion was made to keep graduate students with undergraduates and have a speaker come in to showcase graduate education even more.  Hays made a recommendation that graduation for graduate students take place at the same place and time as undergraduates.  The Council passed a formal resolution to keep graduate student graduation integrated with undergraduates.


Husband made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Pohl.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:24 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Nedrow