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Graduate Council Minutes #996

Graduate Council Minutes No. 996

October 28, 2010

Chair Clayton convened the meeting at 3:30 pm.  She thanked Machelle Stickler for her years of service to the Graduate Council taking minutes (as the Graduate College secretary) and wished her well in her new position.

The minutes from October 14 were considered.  Chair Clayton and Dean Licari both had changes in wording to be made.  Waldron motioned, Coulter seconded to approve the minutes with those changes.  Motion passed.

Comments from the Dean:  Licari spoke about the upcoming visit by the HLC accreditation team.  He said that the team may want to meet with the Graduate Council, the graduate leadership team, and possibly the GCCC, and thanked everyone in advance for making time in their schedules for these meetings.  He also mentioned that four open forums would be held:  two for faculty, one for staff, and one for students, and he encouraged participation in these forums. 

Clayton introduced Matt Schneider, the new Master’s student member of the Graduate Council.

Comments from the Associate Dean:  Coon asked for judges for the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award. 

Comments from the Director of Graduate Student Life:  Schwieger reported that the pumpkin carving event was a success, with 20 students and family members attending.  Donations of pumpkins from Hy-Vees and WalMarts in both Cedar Falls and Waterloo were gratefully acknowledged.  She also updated the Council on upcoming events including Black Hawk Hockey night (Nov 5, reduced price tickets) and Salvation Army bell ringing November 13.  She reported that planning for the 2011 Graduate Student Research Symposium is underway.  The creative performances will be held Monday, April 11, 2011 in the GBPAC and the oral and poster presentations will be Wednesday, April 13, 2011 in Maucker Union.  She will be sending an email asking for judges.  There will be informational meetings for students, and she and the graduate assistants Jaimie Bell and Jackie McAndrew will be visiting classes to encourage students to participate.  She asked for suggestions about why some disciplines seemed to be underrepresented at past symposiums. 

Comments from the Chair of the Graduate Faculty:  Waldron reported that the Campus Advisory Team met with President Allen.  One topic of discussion was implementation of the university strategic plan.  The president has delegated that to the Provost, who will delegate to the persons responsible for specific objectives, their timeline and their budget.  The Provost is also oversees the implementation to make sure that the plans are in line with the university’s plan.  Regarding the budget: the President is optimistic, but the election makes it uncertain.  Waldron also reported on the Graduate Education strategic planning process.  The forum for faculty and staff was attended by 20 people besides the committee.  The student forum will be November 10.  An email to students went out today.  Students who can’t come, but wish to have input, can send email to or if they wish to be anonymous can send hard copy to Waldron. 

Ongoing business:  There is a motion on the table about changing the stated requirement in the catalog for students whose native language is not English to take TOEFL or IELTS.  Information about policies on TOEFL waivers at University of Iowa and Iowa State was distributed.  There was much discussion about whether automatic waivers (such as used at those institutions) are a good idea, and under what conditions.  The consensus was that more information was needed.  The Council asked for information on the number of graduate students have the TOEFL waived each year, the reasons, the departments that allow it.  They also suggested that graduate coordinators be asked if they want no waivers, waivers under set circumstances, or some other choice, and what has been the experience of those who have waived the TOEFL.  There was a motion to table the issue, which was seconded and passed. 

Clayton reported that the Graduate Council has been asked to provide a representative for the Regents’ Award for Faculty Excellence.  Czarnetski nominated Pohl, who agreed to placed in nomination.  The nomination was seconded and passed. 

The next issue for consideration was whether any credits taken for a doctorate should be allowed to apply to a subsequent graduate degree, and if so, how many.  A brief recap of the current double-counting policy involving doctoral degrees was made by Coon—that 6 hours from a second or third Master’s or a Specialist degree can be applied to the requirements for a doctoral degree.  There is currently no provision for courses from a doctoral degree to apply to a subsequent graduate degree (second Master’s, for instance).  There have been at least 2 students who have requested this in Coon’s time in the Associate Dean position.  There was some discussion about the difference between double-counting courses and transferring courses, and there was some concern that courses from other institutions were subject to different limits.  Hays motioned that 6 credits of a UNI doctorate degree be allowed to apply to a subsequent graduate degree.  It was seconded and the motion passed.  Coon also described situations where the same course had been used on three different graduate degrees.  It was motioned and seconded that no course may apply to more than two degrees.  Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Shoshanna Coon
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Affairs