Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes # 994

Graduate Council Minutes No. 994

September 23, 2010

Present: Clayton, Coon, Czarnetzki, Etscheidt, Hays, Hood, Husband, Matvienko, Pohl, Schuchart, Waldron.

Guests: Schwieger and Linda Fitzgerald (Etscheidt’s alternate).

The meeting was called to order by Clayton.  Clayton announced Pohl was the recipient of the Ross Nielsen Award.

Motion by Czarnetzki to approve the minutes from the April 8, 2010 meeting.  Waldron seconded the motion but asked that the faculty member’s name be removed.  Motion approved.

Motion by Czarnetzki to approve Sept 9, 2010 meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Etscheidt.  Motion approved.   

Coon presented report for Licari who was unable to attend.    The Strategic Plan for graduate education needs to be written as the current one ends in 2011.  The chair of Graduate Faculty (Waldron) serves as chair of the committee, and the chair of the Graduate Council (Clayton) is also on the committee.  Licari asked that three other members of the Graduate Council volunteer to serve on this committee.  In addition there will be two students on this committee.  Clayton stated the plan would need to be completed by March.  Hays, Pohl and Etscheidt volunteered to serve on the committee. 

Licari is also developing a procedure to grant assistantships to minority students.  He will be asking for input from the Graduate Council.

Waldron was presented certificate of appreciation for her work during the past year as chair of the Graduate Council.

Schwieger reported the Student Orientation held in August was renamed Graduate Student Informational meeting and all graduate students were invited to attend.  The online orientation on the Graduate College website replaces some of the previously covered topics at orientation. 

The Legislative Luncheon was held on Friday, September 17, 2010.  Three students presented their research.   The Research Symposium for oral and poster presentations is scheduled for April 13, 2011 in the Maucker Union.  Creative presentations will be scheduled at a different time. 

Waldron reported the first Brown Bag had a good turnout.  Surdam spoke about Yankees during the Great Depression and had a great presentation.  The next Brown Bag will be held on October, 19, 2010 and Scott Peters will discuss the Supreme Courts.

Currently graduation applications are filed online unless a student is applying to graduate within four weeks of the date of graduation.  The proposal is to require all students to file electronic applications and a deadline set. Students would be able to submit through the last day of the term.  Changes would take effect during the 2011 fall semester.  Hays asked what is the purpose of the graduation application.  Coon stated UNI does not automatically graduate students when the number of hours required for their program has been satisfied.  Record analyst reviews students’ program of study and students provide current mailing address.  Bauman stated students wait until the last minute to file graduation application to ensure they have met all criteria for graduation and not have to pay the $90 filing fee more than once.  Bauman felt forcing students to wait a semester to graduate would have a negative impact on the students’ perceptions of UNI and could possibly cause them to lose employment.

Husband discussed students being denied the opportunity the graduate if they are not allowed to file late after making sure they have met all criteria.  Coon stated once the new SIS system is operational, an e-mail will be generated that the student is eligible for graduation.  Etscheidt asked if there were specific reasons for the delay; the sequence of coursework for one program in her college will cause delays for the students.    Coon believes the new proposal will not affect thesis and dissertation students; will only affect non-thesis masters’ students.  Waldron wants more information on why applications are filed late and if a deadline is needed.  Hays stated students in his program are not allowed to retake failed comps until after the end of the semester.  His students would not know until late May if they are eligible to graduate.  Clayton stated that it sounds as though Graduate Council agrees that paper graduation forms should be eliminated. 

Husband asked about current deadlines for filing graduation application.   Coon explained the closing date of graduation is one month later than commencement.  Hays stated if a student filed to graduate in May and then was not eligible and graduated during the next term the graduation fee could be waived.  Coon will forward information regarding the fee waiver.    

Clayton asked about extending deadline beyond what is stated in proposal.  Bauman feels that punishing a student for missing a deadline will be bad public relations for the university with students and parents.  Bauman said students who don’t participate in commencement don’t understand why they are forced to pay the fee.  Coon stated the fee is for the check-out process in the Registrar’s office.

Waldron said it appeared the new SIS system with automated emails will help the situation somewhat.  Etscheidt asked if proposal numbers could be taken back to departments and discussed; get a sense of students who are applying late, their reasons, etc.  Coon said she may need to let implementation team know that eliminating paper graduation forms is being supported and deadline dates will be set later.  Husband asked if any thought had been given to charging late filers a late charge.  Coon will ask about larger fee for late filers and if the fee could also cover subsequent term.  Motion by Etscheidt that electronic forms for graduation will be accepted through the end of the term.  Motion was seconded by Pohl.  Motion approved.  Etscheidt wants one avenue of escape available to students if they file late and have acceptable reason to not have to pay large fees.  Coon felt this would be back door thing at Registrar’s office.

Motion by Etscheidt to table discussion regarding graduation fees until the next meeting; seconded by Hays.  Motion approved.

Clayton stated the SIS has categories for students - active, graduated, dismissed,  probation, etc.  SIS wants to know if the discontinued category should be used.  Hays thought it would be helpful; students apply and then are never heard from.  Discontinued category would be students who have enrolled and then quit taking classes or past their seven year window. There would be additional things required for them to graduate.  Students may have finished their coursework but have not completed their paper.  Students would need to be re-activated, talk to counselor, etc.  They would not be able to register until they have met requirements. It cannot set to start from the date of first course.    Coon stated it can be different for degree and non-degree students.  Husband felt if a student had not enrolled in courses for a period of one year, they should meet with someone in their dept before starting courses again.  If a student knows they will be not attending, they can sign up for continuous registration to stay active.  Students will not be able to graduate if on discontinued status.  Hays felt official status could be helpful,   having to make contact with advisor or registrar’s office will eliminate students possibly coming back and enrolling in courses after having exceeded recency limits.  Etscheidt made a motion that students would have not been enrolled in classes for one year or it has been seven years from date of admission.  Husband seconded the motion. Motion approved. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Machelle Stickler