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Graduate Council Minutes #993

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 992

April 8, 2010

Present:  Buckholz, Clayton,  Coon, Waldron, Coulter, Czarnetzki, Joseph, , Schuchart, Wurtz.

Guests:  Husband, Hoofnagle, Davis, Schwieger.


Motion by Coulter, seconded by Buckholz to approve minutes of March 25, 2010 meeting.  Motion approved. 


Waldron called the meeting to order.  The guests; Husband, Hoofnagle, and Davis;  from the English Language and Literature Department were welcomed. 


Graduate College Reports -  Monday is research symposium sponsored by the Graduate College.  Approximately 80 students have registered.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the creative performances scheduled for Monday evening.

On Tuesday, the Graduate College will be hosting an open house in the Georgian Lounge from 3:00-5:00 p.m. to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Graduate College.   

Coon suggested Graduate Council look at new catalog and make comments, however changes cannot be made to policies. 

Schwieger stated she will e-mail link to members of the Graduate Council for symposium presented.  The new Graffito is now online.  Following both graduation ceremonies on May 8, 2010, graduate students are invited to attend a reception in the Alumni Suite in the McLeod Center


Chair of Graduate Faculty – Clayton stated the next week has many events of interest including the final Brown Bag of the academic year.  Lisa Jepsen will be presenting.  The Annual Graduate Faculty meeting will be in Seerley 115 at 3:30 p.m.  Provost Gibson will be in attendance.  The theme of this year’s meeting is “The Future of Graduate Education”.  Discussion will center on having signature graduate programs as a part of the strategic plan.  The Graduate Council was asked to encourage other faculty members to attend.  Graduate faculty need to show Provost and others that they are invested in the future and want input on the future


New business – Three representatives from the Department of English Language and Literature are seeking regular graduate faculty status who does not meet the criteria.  A letter written by Husband was read.  Rick Vanderwall has been hired in the English department but does not have a terminal degree; he has a master’s degree with and additional background information.  Faculty in the department have voted graduate faculty status; seven voted in favor of granting status, five voted against.  Davis favors granting regular graduate faculty status and spoke regarding Vanderwall’s background.  He feels  his background and credentials  fit with the courses he would be teaching.  Vanderwall came to the department from Price Lab School; he has been a teacher there for many years.  Davis stated he has experience working with the Folger Library.  Davis stated he has a terminal degree but feels much of what he brings to his job was his experience after degree. 

Joseph stated those voting against Vanderwall in the Department are concerned that he does not hold terminal degree and will set a precedent for future staff who come to UNI from Price Lab School and have tenure.  She feels this case should be examined specifically on its own merit.  Waldron talked about policies voted on by Graduate Council; the Constitution was updated last year.  Nominations to regular graduate faculty status are put forth by the department head and voted on by graduate faculty.

Hoofnagle did not feel it only applied to Price Lab School staff but felt it could affect adjunct faculty in other departments requesting regular graduate faculty status.  It was felt in order to maintain integrity and rigor, standards should be upheld;  granting membership would set dangerous precedent.  Harton stated she thought the main difference between regular and associate graduate faculty was the ability to serve on a committee.  Davis stated that Vanderwall would only be able to serve as additional reader on committees with associate faculty status.  Vanderwall was hired to fill position vacated by graduate faculty.  Waldron said his current rank is instructor and is a tenured member.  He is not tenure track.  Clayton felt the biggest issue appeared whether there were enough regular graduate faculty to serve on committees.   It was felt a member of committee should be other members of English faculty; Davis answered other English faculty serve on other departments.   Husband stated two things inhibit this -  pedagogical and TEST program is run through Continuing Education.  All courses are taught on overload.  Joseph said all members of TEST faculty voted in favor of granting Vanderwall regular graduate faculty status.  Czarnetzki asked about the search for the position.  It was not an open search.  The search had been canceled the previous year due to budget constraints.   Buckholz stated the Constitution states associate graduate faculty cannot serve on committees.  Coulter asked if Price Lab School instructors became assistant professors when they earned terminal degree.  Clayton asked if he fulfilled requirements of job description other than terminal degree; Davis answered, yes he believed so.   Hoofnagle asked if it would be possible to put restrictions on regular graduate faculty or grant him associate membership but let him serve as second or third reader.  Joseph responded it would be the same level of waiving policy.  Waldron stated in the past the HPELS department has had instructors from Price Lab School but they were not granted regular graduate faculty status.  Joseph stated each case should be decided on merits but not to set precedent with one case. 

Buckholz  talked about possible ramifications.  If status is not granted, he cannot serve on committees which creates work for other faculty.  If not approved won’t be setting dangerous precedent.  It was voted to enter executive session. 

Executive session end.   Motion by Clayton to deny regular graduate faculty status to Rick Vanderwall.  Coulter seconded the motion.  Motion approved

Graduate credit as a senior policy –  A sentence was added “no course may count toward both an undergraduate and a graduate degree” and “will not be counted toward undergraduate degree”.  Motion by Coulter to approve the amended language, seconded by Czarnetzki.  Coon will provide information by e-mail.  The vote will also be taken by e-mail.


Meeting adjourned at 5:07 p.m.


Respectfully submitted


Machelle Stickler