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Graduate Council Minutes #989

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 989

January 14, 2010

Present: Buckholz, Bybee, Clayton, Coon, Coulter, Czarnetzki, Etscheidt, Harton, Joseph, Pohl, Schuhart, Stalp, Waldron

Guests: Marchesani, Schwieger

Waldron called the meeting to order.

1. Approval of minutes from December 10, 2009 meeting. Pohl made a motion to approve the minutes from the Graduate Council December meeting. Motion was seconded by Harton. Motion approved. Coon asked for revisions to October 22 minutes. The last sentence on page 2 should read, “Coon summarized the wishes of the Ed Leadership EdD program by saying that students seeking an EdD degree would be allowed to transfer all the hours earned but would be required to take the required core hours for their degree at UNI”. Motion by Pohl to revise minutes, seconded by Buckholz. Motion approved.

2. Graduate College Reports – Joseph asked for comments or feelings about announcement made this week and the United Faculty vote. It was stated the original plan asked for furlough days and now motion is to not get paid or reduce pay. Furlough cannot be applied to all faculty. Council members wondered if faculty voted for pay cut in order to protect faculty positions. The public views faculty that are not teaching as not working. Taking a pay cut shows faculty are feeling pain of budget reduction like other staff at UNI. Stalp stated now was a good time to know conditions of Master Agreement. Membership is at all time high. It was asked if adjuncts would be teaching after this semester. It was asked if combining CHFA and CNS colleges would have an impact on graduate education. Changes to new college are not finalized. Transition team has not been named. Siobahn Morgan is the new department head for Earth Science effective July 1.

Coon reported policy changes approved by Graduate Council were approved at faculty meeting. As requested, creation of new course numbers and descriptions are effective immediately. Other changes will take effect May, 2010. Waldron thanked Coon for her hard work. Coon also added that McElroy applications are being accepted.

Schwieger distributed information detailing graduate student opportunities the next couple of weeks. Graduate students will have the opportunity to meet with President Allen on March 3, 2010. She asked for input on the new online orientation. The Symposium is scheduled for April 12. Joseph added performances last year were only seen by judges and staff. Creative performances will be scheduled in the evening this year and the public will be invited to attend. The 40th Anniversary celebration of the Graduate College will be April 13th in the Georgian Lounge.

3. No report from Clayton.

4. New Business – Marchesani thanked the Graduate Council for inviting her. There was a significant drop in international students this fall. Last year was the first time international students were allowed to use IELTS during the admission process. Most students with three year degrees are from India and Nepal. They are usually missing liberal arts core courses. These applications are forwarded to departments for their decision regarding admission.

If a student applies for admission and has not met all criteria they can be admitted on a conditional basis. Most do not have necessary English skills for admission. The majority of these students are from Saudi Arabia and China. In the past these decisions have been made on a case by case basis. There are students on scholarship programs that will pay their expenses for CIEP. If the student is being admitted for graduate studies the form is sent to the department admitting them on a conditional basis. Students must participate in CIEP classes (reading, grammar, writing, listening, speaking) and do not receive credit for these classes. Departments control when students are allowed to join program and take courses toward their degree. Students may start as part-time or full-time students. Students not proficient in English usually do not do well on GRE and GMAT tests and that creates an additional issue for students wanting to be admitted to programs that have this requirement. Policies given to international students must be clearly stated. They often do not understand they can’t negotiate changes. There are universities that do not allow conditional admissions and others that allow conditional admission and include stated expectations.

Harton asked if international students take CIEP courses at UNI and transfer to another school after completion. Marchesani said she has not seen a lot of this happening. Saudi Arabian students are allowed one and one-half years to complete the English courses. Etscheidt asked if departments have GPA requirement. There are requirements. Joseph stated students who are not doing well often beg, barter, etc. to be allowed to stay and continue their studies. Joseph asked if it was possible to require contracts and make sure they are aware of policies and the policies must be followed. There is a lot of interest in these students as they have full financial support. CIEP prepares students to study academics.

Marchesani would like to speak to each graduate department and possibly their coordinators. She would like an endorsement from Graduate Council stating departments should consider conditional admission. She would like a policy from each department stating their conditions to admit international students. She would also like each department to develop policies regarding conditional

admissions. Departments sign graduate admission form but students are not required to sign anything. Perhaps a contract with student would help them better understand what conditional admission means to them.

5. Culminating project options update – Waldron went through report and compiled everything people stated for non-thesis options. She will send an e-mail to all departments that did not respond to first survey.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler