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Graduate Council Minutes #984

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 984

September 24, 2009

Present: Buckholz, Clayton, Coon, Coulter, Fecik, Etscheidt, Harton, Joseph, Pohl, Thompson, Waldron, Wurtz

Guests: MacKay

The meeting was called to order at 3:32 p.m.

1. Motion by Thompson to approve minutes after noted changes. Fecik seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Waldron requested the agenda items be discussed out of order. Recency and residency requirements will be discussed first.

2. Recency – Coon would like to see increased consistency at UNI comparable with other institutions. She would like all doctoral programs to have the same time frame for completion. She would like the faculty to be more informed regarding what they can expect when asking for an extension of recency. Waivers of recency are not automatically granted and not all courses taken in the past will count toward degree. Thompson asked about grandfathering in current students. Coon had talked to Ed.D program and changes will go into effect with 2010-2012 catalog and students admitted at or after this time will be under new guidelines. Harton asked about current time limits. New policy sets clearer time limitations. Earliest course that starts degree starts time limit. The new catalog will go into effect summer 2010. Non-degree students operate under catalog that was in effect when they started their courses. Clayton said there are not specific guidelines for Coon when approving/disapproving student requests so Coon could start implementing changes now. Coon told Graduate Council she has heard nothing from COE regarding possible changes to Ed.D. MacKay found no other institutions that give 14 years. Fecik stated technology program would like to remain at 7 years time frame for degree. Staff in industrial technology feel 10 years is too long. Fecik said students get everything done but dissertation, take a job and first two years on the job the students get nothing done. Joseph felt Coon could add sentence that programs can also make requirement to finish degree sooner. Fecik wanted it stated that DIT has 7 years to finish degree. Coulter asked about deployment clause. Buckholz felt students deployed do have some time to work on requirements. Students who are deployed can get a one year extension when they return. The student can make the request, and it will be granted. Harton raised questions regarding language in revised document. Discussion followed.

Coon stated she receives student requests and the department support student’s recency but Coon felt a plan should be submitted naming an advisor, putting forth a plan of what needs to be completed, etc. Clayton felt the form could be more specific for students requesting extension of recency. Coon stated ones approved by department appear to be rubber stamped due to not wanting to deny student. Coon

will redraft and incorporate changes. Waldron talked about tiered committee. Harton asked if students get notification of how much time they have left; currently they do not. MacKay thought new SIS system may give that capability. Fecik has concerns about student initiating plan; Joseph says advisor will not approve if plan does not meet the guidelines. Joseph said when advisor leaves university students are assigned another advisor. Clayton asked about family medical leave – allowed 12 weeks each year. Changes will be made to document; document will be sent to departments for comments; and will vote on changes at the next meeting. Graduate Council wants feedback from Ed.D program.

3. Residency – Joseph sent out changes and asked for feedback from Graduate Council. She asked if there are there consequences of these changes that should be addressed. Industrial Technology made some changes to accommodate online students. Changes will be voted on at next meeting. Policy will be implemented after Council votes on it. Pohl made a motion to accept new residency policy and was seconded by Harton. Motion passed. Changes will be made and policy will be implemented.

4. The Graduate Council voted in 2005 to change membership roster for GCCC. Waldron suggested that Associate Dean be named to GCCC as chair, ex-officio member and two members of Graduate Council would remain to be named to GCCC. Thompson moved to have Associate Dean chair GCCC, Fecik seconded the motion. Motion passed.

5. A Vice-Chair for Graduate Council needs to be elected. Clayton nominated Pohl, and Thompson seconded. Pohl accepted the nomination. Motion passed.

6. Chair of Graduate Faculty Report – reminder that Marybeth is doing next Brown Bag on Oct 7. Joseph added that her research is qualitative research and very interesting for all.

7. Motion by Coulter, seconded by Pohl to adjourn. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Machelle Stickler