Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #981

Graduate Council Minutes No. 981

March 12, 2009

Present: Buckholz, Clayton, Coulter, Etscheidt, Fecik, Hansen, Harton, Joseph, Licari, Nelson, Waldron,


Guests: Donna Vinton, Schwieger


1. Waldron called the meeting to order at 3:30.


2. Motion by Fecik to approve February 26, 2009 minutes; seconded by Nelson. Fecik noted task forces

were appointed by Graduate Council and there were two task forces. It was noted that the Graduate

Faculty will need to approve changes to the Constitution naming temporary graduate faculty as

Associate Members. Motion passed; one abstention.


3. Donna Vinton will give her presentation on Student Outcomes Assessment first and remainder of

meeting will follow. Vinton talked to the Graduate Council about history at UNI, HLC (Higher Learning

Commission) expectations, state of assessment at UNI, and thoughts on graduate program assessments.

Vinton stated she is willing to talk to graduate faculty in greater detail if requested. Discussion and

questions followed Vinton’s presentation.


4. Graduate College Reports

Joseph reported the Annual Meeting is still in the planning stages. Date will be finalized once it is

determined if the new Provost will be able to speak to graduate faculty. Current suggested dates are

April 23 or April 24.

Licari is working on a handbook for graduate coordinators. The handbook will be a compilation of

information currently available. The handbook will be a resource for graduate coordinators. The

handbook will be completed by fall 2009.

Schwieger reported March 27 is the next workshop for graduate students. She continues to work on

plans for Graduate Student Appreciation Week. Online orientation will be ready by fall 2009 for

graduate students.


5. Clayton reported Tony Gabriele’s Brown Bag lecture will be two weeks later than scheduled. The

new date for his presentation is April 8, 2009.


6. Waldron thanked Clayton for language changes to Constitution. Discussion regarding (pg 2)

that associate members are only appointed for a semester and if being a member of committee is

feasible. Associate members are not allowed to chair thesis, research or dissertation. Harton suggested

they could be fourth member. Nelson thought thesis manual should be looked at for possible changes

to faculty. Dissertation committee has five members, research has two members and thesis has three

members. Waldron stated associate members would be teaching graduate courses specified on the

nomination form.

Current Constitution allows associate members to advise students. Fecik stated when a student starts a

program the graduate coordinator is their temporary advisor. Further discussion regarding future voting

options for Graduate faculty.

Waldron and Clayton will bring changes discussed at meeting to the next Graduate Council meeting.

Anyone with any changes should forward them to Waldron or Clayton. Clayton suggested a cover page

to explain rationale for changes be included when the revised Constitution is distributed to Graduate


Waldron stated next meeting will start in Baker 161 to celebrate the launch of the Journal of

Contemporary Ethnography Editorship. If needed, the meeting will move to Lang 115. Changes to the

Graduate Faculty Constitution will be finalized and voted on at the April 12, 2009 meeting of the

Graduate Council.


7. New Business

Discussion regarding suspension of travel. It was felt under certain circumstances out-of-state travel

should be allowed. Some possibilities are grant monies or staff paying their own expenses. It was

suggested a statement from the Graduate Council could be sent to the President and the Provost.

Joseph suggested the Faculty Senates from all three Regent universities should jointly send a letter to

the Board of Regents. Wurtz cautioned letter should be carefully written so the wrong idea is not given.

The source of funding for travel needs to be considered


8. Motion by Etscheidt, seconded by Wurtz to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting was

adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted

Machelle Stickler