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Graduate Council Minutes #971

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February 28, 2008

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes No. 971

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Present: DeFrancisco, DeSoto, Etscheidt, Gilpin (for Harton), Joseph, Jurgenson, Leutzinger, Marshall, Nelson, Pohl, Stalp, Wurtz

Absent: Christ, Moon, Waldron


1. Chair Pohl called the meeting to order.


2. Approval of minutes from February 14, 2008.

Nelson moved to approve the minutes and Marshall seconded the motion. Minutes were approved as distributed.


3. Graduate College Reports

Joseph updated the Council on the provost search. Don Nieman, Bowling Green State University will visit campus on March 3 & 4; Lance Grahn , University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point on March 6 & 7; and Susan Carlson, Iowa State University will visit on March 10 & 11. All will give public presentations in Lang Auditorium.

Graduate enrollment is up 7.8% since spring 2007. There are 124 new graduate students and 126 new undergraduate students. Applications for fall 2008 have also increased by 15%, degree seeking has increased by 20% and undergraduate enrollment has increased by 2%. 88% of applicants are in pending status. Joseph will check with graduate coordinators as to the large percentage still pending; some have not paid admission fee. Nelson commented the backlog is also due to a staff member gone from the registrar’s office. The staff member has returned to work.

Joseph also reported she had received feedback on the proposed Parental Support and Relief for Graduate Assistants from Tim McKenna and Nick Bambach. She will bring the suggestions to the next meeting.

DeFrancisco gave update on focus groups. The Graduate Program Quality Task Force has received IRB approval. Pohl is chair of the task force. Groups are scheduled to meet on March 4 and March 12. There has been very good response from one college; Pohl will send email encouraging staff to attend. DeFrancisco asked Graduate Council to encourage their colleagues to attend one of the meetings.

DeFranciso also reported she is a member of the Reaccreditation Committee. She reported that graduate programs are a portion of the report that often get flagged. She will report to the Graduate Council on meetings and information. The committee is working very diligently on the reaccreditation process.

There are many awards at this time of year. Many of the applications are now due. DeFrancisco reported the winner of the McKay Award will be known in the next few days. President Allen just announced the winner of the McElroy Award. UNI’s candidate for the McElroy award will be Laura Gingrich from Communication Sciences and Disorders. The PDA & Summer Fellowship Task Force Groups will meet next week.


4. Chair of Graduate Faculty Report

DeSoto reminded Graduate Council of upcoming Brown Bag on March 12 and also the remaining Brown Bag scheduled for April 23, 2008.

5. New Business

Discussed plan of action for each Task Force for the remainder of the semester. Etscheidt said her group will compile and forward data from their survey when it is available. Target date is the end of April. Etscheidt agreed to present the results at the Annual Graduate Faculty meeting on April 24.

Stalp reported the survey for her Task Force has been distributed. The Task Force met last Friday and began to compile data received so far. The information from this survey will only be shared internally; have not asked for IRB approval. Sensitive information will not be shared outside the Task Force or the Graduate Council. Stalp will also present at Annual Graduate Faculty meeting on April 24 the information that is available.

Pohl reported after the focus groups meet on March 4 and March 12, members of the task force hope to have a report of the focus groups and a list of indicators for quality education to Joseph by April 9, and once approved will present to the Graduate Council. The Task Force will work until the end of the semester to proceed with next charge of how indicators will be used to assess graduate programs. The last meeting is scheduled for April 30.

DeFranciso wants to look at how the three task forces go together and possibly use this information next fall.

b. Strategic Plan

Joseph handed out copies of Graduate Education Strategic Plan that was put into effect two years ago. The Graduate Council was asked to look it over before the next meeting. It will not be discussed today. The Strategic Plan was not intended to be stationary document; it should be changed as needed. Any changes will be discussed at the next meeting of the Graduate Council. Nelson asked for information regarding which goals are currently implemented. Joseph will compile this information and send to members. Joseph will also email questions distributed at meeting.


6. Old Business

DeSoto would like to implement a plan to recognize graduate faculty. All graduate faculty are eligible and does not require an application. The award originally was intended for staff who have chaired 10 dissertations and/or theses. It is important to recognize staff and acknowledge this is a valuable service. The group discussed also recognizing other degree completion projects. It was decided the plan would recognize faculty had had done ten dissertations, theses, non-theses research and/or creative projects (or the equivalent). The language will be changed in the letter to reflect changes. Nelson moved to accept letter with amendments, Jurgenson seconded. Motion passed. Faculty will be recognized in some way at the Graduate Faculty meeting on April 24.


7. Other

Continuing Education will be coming to present to the Graduate Council. Wurtz requested they be scheduled for the March 27 meeting. Pohl will ask Marshall to talk to Continuing Education about attending the March 27 Graduate Council meeting.

Next meeting will be March 13, 2008. At this meeting, feedback on the Strategic Plan will be discussed.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:16 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Machelle Stickler