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Graduate Council Minutes #969

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January 24, 2008

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes #969

Thursday, January 24, 2008, 3:30 p.m., Lang Hall 115

Present: Christ, Etscheidt, DeFrancisco, DeSoto, Gilpin (for Harton), Joseph, Jurgenson, Marshall, Nelson, Stalp, Waldron, Wurtz

Absent: Leutzinger, Moon, Pohl

Guest: Susie Schwieger


1. Vice-Chair Jurgenson called the meeting to order.


2. Approval of minutes from November 8, 2007

Nelson moved to approve the minutes and Marshall seconded the motion. Minutes were approved as distributed.


3. Graduate College Reports

Joseph reported that a DIT degree was awarded posthumously to Carlos Teran Yengle. A reception was held where the degree was given to his parents who came from Peru.

Joseph provided an update on the Provost search. Forty-eight applications were received and the first cut has been made. The search committee hopes to bring between two and five candidates on-campus for interviews in early April.

DeFrancisco reported on the following:

The Carver Graduate Institute facilitator for 2008 is Bettina Fabos, assistant professor in Communication Studies. Her topic is “Visualizing Research: An Interdisciplinary Workshop on Image Creation and Exhibition". Because of the large number of faculty interested in participating this year, ITS will capture all of the presentations and upload them to the Web.

The Registrar’s Office is working on the next issue of the catalog and many non-curricular changes need to be made for graduate education. Examples of corrections/deletions include the online program of study, online student request forms, etc.

Schwieger discussed the Oral Presentation Workshop presented by Dr. Melissa Beall and the Poster Presentation Workshop presented by Dr. Kim MacLin. These workshops are offered to assist students who are interested in participating in the campus wide Graduate Student Research Symposium on April 7, 2008. Also, Graduate Student Appreciation Week will be held in April.


4. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report

DeSoto reported that two Brown Bag lectures have been scheduled. Dr. Trudy Eden, Associate Professor of History, will give a presentation on February 6 entitled, “The Early American Table: Food and Society in the New World”. Dr. Julie Husband, Associate Professor of English Language & Literature, will give her presentation March 12.


5. New Business

a. TOEFL Requirements

Joseph discussed the TOEFL exam that international students take to measure their proficiency in the English language. The undergraduate minimum requirement for admission is 550 and the graduate minimum is 500. Joseph suggested the minimum TOEFL requirement for graduate students be raised to at least match the undergraduate requirement. Nelson moved to increase the minimum TOEFL admission score for new graduate students to 550 and the motion was seconded. Motion was approved.

6. Old Business

a. Graduate Faculty Recognition Report – Nelson

The ad hoc committee of Nelson, Leutzinger and Wurtz drafted the report that was distributed. The committee designed a two tiered recognition system so any faculty member nominated would receive a certificate; however, a selection committee would decide which of the nominees would be selected for the Wall of Fame each year.

Wurtz moved and Etscheidt seconded the motion to accept the Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate Education report. The motion was approved.

DeSoto then moved and Nelson seconded to instruct the Graduate College to implement the accepted report. The motion was approved.

Joseph will send a message to department heads announcing the availability of the award.


b. Task Force Updates

Etscheidt, chair of the Thesis Guidelines Task force, reported on the progress of the committee. Their goal is to determine and disseminate what the program requirements are for all departments (thesis, peer review, research paper, etc.) The goal of the committee is not to move toward standardization but rather to determine and disseminate the requirements for each program. A survey has been drafted and members of the committee will meet with ITS staff to put the survey on the web. Department heads and graduate coordinators will be the intended target audience.

Stalp is the chair of the Graduate Assistantship Task Force. The committee has developed a survey that will be emailed to several groups including departments that no longer have graduate programs.

DeFrancisco spoke as the representative for the Graduate Program Quality Task Force. The committee has been working on how to define what is meant by a quality graduate program. Focus groups will be utilized to gather information and the task force will refine the criteria of quality after the group meetings.


7. Other

a. Temporary Graduate Faculty Status

Joseph indicated she has been questioned why departments must request temporary graduate faculty status for instructors who teach the same course for more than one semester. After discussion, the committee suggested to Joseph that she alter the Temporary Graduate Faculty Status form. Multiple requests will not be necessary with the understanding that long term employment is not implied if temporary status is granted for more than one semester.

Members expressed appreciation to Uehle for her years of service to the Graduate Council.


8. Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.