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Graduate Council Minutes #965

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September 27, 2007

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes No. 965

Thursday, September 27, 2007, 3:30 p.m., Lang Hall 115

Present: Etscheidt, Joseph, Wurtz, Stalp, Lynch, Marshall, Nelson, Harton, Leutzinger, Jurgenson, Waldron, DeFrancisco

Absent: Christ, Moon, Pohl

Guests: Pam Mackay, Susie Schwieger


1. Jurgenson called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

2. Approval of minutes from September 13, 2007

The minutes were approved unanimously.

3. Graduate College Reports:
Sue Joseph's report:

  1. Sent out an e-mail about opportunities for a visiting scholars program in Korea.
  2. Sent call for volunteers on three Council task forces to study 1) quality of graduate programs, 2) allocations of graduate assistantships, and 3) thesis/research paper guidelines.
  3. GAs – see Handout (appendix A), Sue asked for advice from the council – student who has an MA in industrial technology and is seeking a PSM. The question is can a person get two 1/2 time assistantships at the same time, with one assistantship outside his/her program. The group was in consensus and in favor of such efforts because the student is in one program and is getting interdisciplinary learning from the second assistantship.
  4. The second issue regarding assistantships was whether the wording “support not to exceed the normal amount of time to complete the degree” should be more specific to indicate a maximum of 4 semesters of support for a master’s degree, and 6 semesters for a doctorate degree. The council was in consensus that the language should not be more specific, because some students who could complete the degree in one year may take longer to try to reach the 4 semester limit of support.
  5. Carver Institute is only a 3 year program, and the grant will likely not be renewed by the Carver Foundation.
  6. GA Research Symposium in April to coincide with Graduate Student Appreciation Week
  7. See handout Appendix B, data on percent of graduate courses taught by graduate faculty. Found the percent of graduate credit hours taught by tenure/tenure track faculty in all colleges is well over the 85% goal recommended by the Graduate Council; can continue to grant temporary graduate faculty status as needed.

Victoria DeFrancisco’s report:

  1. PDA application deadline closed last Friday. Received 31 “regular” applications plus one to finish a terminal degree.
  2. GCCC has begun its work. Approved CBA packet last week.
  3. Carver Institute call for proposals is out (See Appendix C).

4. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report – Annette Lynch

  1. Carl Thurman, 2007 UNI Distinguished Scholar, will give the first brown bag, Oct. 17 at noon, room TBA.
  2. Welcome ideas for other brown bags; please provide to new chair of the graduate faculty.

5. New Business

  1. Harton noted problem of hiring students to do additional work in the department and paying them while they have a GA. Joseph said she will talk to Helen about this.
  2. Lynch notes range of number of hours graduate assistants work per week. She said inconsistency is a problem when working on interdisciplinary projects that include students who expect different norms. She asked what the norm is and what is expected. Joseph said a full time assistantship is 20 hours, and a half-time assistantship is 10 hours. Harton said