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Graduate Council Minutes #957

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October 12, 2006


Graduate Council Minutes No. 957

Thursday, October 12, 2006, 3:40 p.m., Lang 115

Present: Bowlin, Kliewer (alternate for Etscheidt), Harton, Hensley, Joslyn, Jurgenson, Koch, Lynch, Mack, Marshall, Nelson, Pohl, Prophet, Thompson

Absent: Moon

Guest: Cynthia Coulter


1. Announcements from the Chair of the Council
Thompson reported that he met with Koch, Nelson and Lynch this morning to discuss the agenda for today’s meeting which he distributed.


2. Approval of the minutes from September 14, 2006
Marshall read the following paragraph with corrections capitalized from Cynthia Coulter for Item 10, Other Business.

Cynthia Coulter, Head of Technical Services at the Rod Library and Associate Professor, suggested THE GRADUATE COUNCIL CONSIDER a change be made for students who write a master’s thesis. Currently the university requires doctoral students to submit a paper copy of their dissertation to a company that digitizes and then adds the dissertation to their online database so that it can be searched and downloaded. COULTER BROUGHT TO THE COUNCIL'S ATTENTION THAT OUR CONTRACT WITH PROQUEST ALSO PERMITS US TO HAVE MASTER'S THESES SUBMITTED IN THE SAME WAY. IF SO, THE COUNCIL WOULD NEED TO REVISE THE THESIS AND DISSERTATION MANUAL. Koch asked Coulter to send suggestions for change to Joslyn so that the council can discuss them at the next meeting. COULTER ALSO MENTIONED THE LIBRARY HAS A NEW WEB SITE COMING OUT LATER THIS SEMESTER THAT COULD PROVIDE ACCESS TO PDF COPIES OF MASTER'S STUDENTS' RESEARCH PAPERS AND ASKED IF MEMBERS WOULD BE INTERESTED. TWO DEPARTMENTS INDICATED INTEREST; COULTER WILL CONTACT THEM.

Nelson moved that the minutes be approved as revised. Motion was seconded and passed.


3. Graduate College Reports
Koch reported on the following topics:

-A handout was distributed regarding the workshop on “Commercializing Creative Endeavors”. The workshop, co-sponsored by the Graduate College, Office of Sponsored Programs, College of Natural Sciences and Business and Community Services, will be October 13 and Koch encouraged members to attend.

-The Call for Carver Graduate Education Institute Proposals was distributed. Dr. Jeff Weld will be the director of the Institute for 2007. Koch asked members to encourage faculty to submit proposals.

-Susie Schwieger will conduct a workshop for graduate students on the topic of “Networking for Professional Development”. Two sessions will be offered, one on November 6 and one on November 8. A draft outline of the workshop was distributed.

-Doug Mupasiri, along with two other faculty members, will attend a recruiting fair at Xavier University in New Orleans, LA at the end of October.

-A graduate of UNI has been hired on a short-term basis by the Graduate College to assist with developing a distinguished alumni network.

Joslyn asked for volunteers to serve on several committees. Council members agreed to serve on the following committees:

Regents Award – Gayle Pohl
Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation – Lauren Nelson
Outstanding Master’s Thesis – Helen Harton
Outstanding Creative Thesis – Annette Lynch
Outstanding Research Paper – Frank Thompson


Joslyn reported that the selection process for Professional Development Assignments has been completed. During the deliberations a question was raised regarding the wording of instructions for faculty who submit an application for a creative project. The PDA committee member from CHFA drafted a proposed change to the instructions and Joslyn asked for advice on how to proceed. Koch indicated this is not a Graduate Council matter; Bowlin believes the Faculty Senate may have approved the original application. Joslyn will take this matter to the Faculty Senate following review by the Graduate Council.


4. Chair of the Graduate Faculty Report
Lynch reminded the council that the next Brown Bag Lecture will be presented by Dr. Scott Cawelti on October 18.

Lynch is on the President’s Campus Advisory Committee as are Thompson and Joslyn. She asked that any graduate education issues be forwarded to her as possible discussion topics at a Campus Advisory Committee meeting.


5. Old Business:
Review of the Strategic Plan, Setting Goals and Action Plans
A committee needs to be formed to discuss the Friend of Graduate Education Award. Mack, Nelson and Pohl volunteered to serve on this committee.

Suggested Appointees to a Task Force on Criteria for Graduate Faculty Status – Item 3.2.1 Strategic Plan
Thompson indicated that a task force needs to be formed to establish criteria that will determine how faculty will be granted graduate faculty status. Thompson asked members to submit names of faculty who he could contact to see if they would be willing to serve on the task force. Several suggestions were given but additional names may be sent to Thompson.

Suggested Appointees to a Task Force on Graduate Faculty Recognition – Item 3.4.2 Strategic Plan
Thompson indicated that a task force needs to be formed to discuss graduate faculty recognition. Council members provided several names for consideration but additional names may be sent to Thompson.

6. New Business:
Library Change to ProQuest for Graduate Thesis Projects
Coulter distributed three suggestions for change regarding this topic. Votes were taken on each issue separately.

-Replace all references for “University Microfilm” or “UMI” to “ProQuest” in the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual. Bowlin moved to approve these changes. Motion was seconded and passed.

-The section entitled, “University Microfilms” on page 14 of the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual read as follows:


 Rod Library has an agreement with ProQuest to provide a digital copy of the full text of students’ dissertations via the “Current Research at the University of Northern Iowa” website. Only persons associated with the University can access the full text. The bibliographic citation and an abstract only will also be placed in another database “Dissertations and Theses A&I”, available through ProQuest, where anyone may purchase a copy of a student’s paper.

 The author of a doctoral dissertation is required to sign an agreement that authorizes ProQuest to digitize and publish the abstract. Forms for this authorization are available in the Graduate College and are given to the student at the time of the preview. The Graduate College submits the forms for the student. Authors are permitted, however, to publish all or any part of the dissertation at any time by any method except microfilm. Additionally, if the student wishes to delay having his abstract published by ProQuest (e.g., waiting for a patent), a statement may be included with the manuscript giving a release data to ProQuest.

A copy of the dissertation must be submitted to the Graduate College to be sent to ProQuest. This copy may be on ordinary printer paper.

Nelson moved to approve the changes to the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual and Pohl seconded the motion. Clarification was made by striking the words “except microfilm” in the second paragraph. Motion passed as amended.

-Coulter indicated that if the Council decides to have master’s theses submitted to ProQuest, then it will need to consider the following changes in the Manual as well.


a. Page 14 – change all references to dissertations to “theses and dissertations”

b. page 15 – insert into thesis guidelines the following two items

i. One additional deposit copy of the dissertation and abstract on regular printer paper

ii. ProQuest Digitization and Copyrighting Agreement (provided at time of preview)


Bowlin moved to table item number three until Joslyn can provide a revised thesis manual for review by the Council. Motion was seconded and passed.

Streamlining Applications for Graduation – Update on WebCT Initiative
Thompson indicated the Registrar’s Office is still working on the transition from WebCT to web-based forms.

Collecting Graduate Alumni Information and Development of a Graduate-in-Residence Program
Thompson indicated there are issues that need to be addressed regarding graduate alumni and he suggested inviting Mark Jastorff, Director of Alumni Relations, to a future meeting. The issues include better coordination of our efforts with graduate students after they leave UNI and compiling accurate information on our graduates. A comprehensive database of graduates could be used to invite former students back as a Graduate-in-Residence.


7. Other Business
Thompson indicated that President Allen asked for feedback on graduate tuition rates at the last President’s Campus Advisory Committee meeting. There is growing recognition that it may be appropriate to have additional surcharges or differential tuition for certain programs as is done at other Regent’s Universities. Discussion followed. Thompson indicated President Allen is under pressure to provide information to the Board of Regents; therefore, any comments should be forwarded to him as soon as possible.


8. Adjournment
Bowlin moved to adjourn at 4:45 p.m. Motion was seconded and passed.


Respectfully submitted,


Shirley Uehle