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Graduate Council Minutes #945

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August 25, 2005

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 945

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Hensley, Joslyn, Jurgenson, Koch, Mack, MacLin, Moore, Nelson, Petersen, Pohl, Prophet, Rajendran, Thompson, Wallingford

Absent: Walker


1. Minutes from April 21, 2005
Moore moved to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Announcements from the Chair of the Council
MacLin welcomed new members Hensley and Prophet to the Council. Dr. Jill Trainer, Interim Associate Vice President of Sponsored Programs, will be the guest speaker at the next Council meeting.


3. Graduate College Reports
Koch introduced Dr. Sue Joslyn, the new Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Affairs.

Koch provided an update on personnel changes within the Graduate College office suite. The Grants and Contracts Office staff will move to Bartlett Hall since they are now a part of the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Office of Academic Assessment will move into two offices vacated by Grants & Contracts. Staff administering the DOE 2+2 grant will be housed in the other two vacant offices. Neither of these units is administered by the Graduate College.

Koch reported that the Graduate College has received a three-year grant from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust. The purpose of the grant is to enhance the quality of graduate education at UNI. There will be an office in the Graduate College suite designated for the grant.

Koch reported that the search for the Associate Vice President of Sponsored Programs has been reactivated. Syed Kirmani is representing graduate education on the search committee.

Koch reported that graduate enrollment is flat for fall semester. There are, however, twenty students enrolled in the new Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development master’s program.

Koch has discussed the need for strategic planning for graduate education with Koob, Lubker and Schellhardt. They all have endorsed her proposal so she will ask Carol Bodensteiner to work as a consultant on this project.

Joslyn thanked everyone for encouraging students to attend the Graduate Student Orientation. There were over 125 participants and Petersen was a member of a student panel. Several student service representatives were available to answer questions.

Two Brown Bag Lectures are scheduled this fall—the first will be September 21 with Kenneth Atkinson who will discuss “Women of the Dead Sea Scrolls”. Joel Haack will present the second lecture on October 19.


4. Report from the Chair of the Graduate Faculty
Wallingford reminded members that the Campus Conversations Advisory Group is still looking for staff to serve on committees.


5. Action: Election of Chair and Vice Chair
MacLin opened the floor for nominations for Chair and Vice Chair. Thompson nominated Rajendran and he respectfully declined. Rajendran nominated MacLin and Nelson moved that nominations cease. MacLin was reelected as Chair.

MacLin asked for nominations for Vice Chair. Thompson nominated Moore and Jurgenson self-nominated. Jurgenson was elected as Vice Chair.


6. Action: Grievance Policy

Joslyn referenced the revised Graduate Student Academic Grievance Policy. The Council had discussed the revised policy at a previous meeting. Tim McKenna, UNI Operations Auditor, has proposed changes to the policy that make it mirror the undergraduate policy. Jurgenson moved that the revised policy be accepted. Thompson seconded the motion. Moore asked if the bracketed questions in the policy would be eliminated. Also, there was discussion regarding section e. on page 2 where there are XXs instead of numbers. Joslyn will ask McKenna if the number should be ten days or ten school days. Jurgenson modified his motion to accept the Grievance Policy after this issue has been clarified. Thompson seconded and the amended motion carried.


7. Information: Department vs. Graduate College Policies
Joslyn met with Helen Harton, Professor of Psychology. The Psychology department maintains a student handbook in which several policies are more stringent than Graduate College policies. Harton asked whether the Psychology policies would be upheld if a student challenged their validity. McKenna ruled that the Psychology department policies would be upheld if the student had received adequate notification. Psychology students are required to read and sign a statement that they have received and read the handbook.


8. Information: Use of WebCT for Graduate Student Records
Joslyn reported that the Center for Educational Technology staff have decided to upgrade to a new version of WebCT in the fall of 2006 which will not be compatible with the current version. Koch and Joslyn have met with staff from the Registrar’s Office regarding the need for an online graduate record keeping system. Programmers are in the process of configuring all the current forms for use within MyUniverse on the UNI website.


9. Discussion: Strategic Planning
Koch will meet with Carol Bodensteiner next week and a steering committee will be formed to discuss strategic planning. A retreat and website for communicating online are being planned. Koch has discussed strategic planning with all the deans and discussion will continue at the college level.

Rajendran asked if graduate education is specifically mentioned in the current university strategic plan. Koch indicated there are no specific graduate education goals but there is some mention within the document. Several issues will have to be addressed including competition from other universities, high tuition, partnering with Regents institutions, etc.

10. Other Business: Alternates
MacLin asked each council member for his or her alternate if one had not already been designated. Jurgenson stated that Carl Thurman is his alternate. Alternate for Thompson is Hans Isakson. Alternate names may be emailed to MacLin.


11. Adjournment
Jurgenson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Shirley Uehle