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Graduate Council Minutes #943

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March 24, 2005

Graduate Council Minutes No. 943

Thursday, March 24, 2005, 3:30 p.m., Lang 115

Present: Etscheidt, Fecik, Joslyn, Kirmani, Koch, Mack, McGlade, Moore, Nelson, Pohl, Carl Thurman (for Jurgenson), Walker

Absent: Bozylinsky, Jackson, MacLin, Petersen, Rajendran, Thompson


1. Minutes from March 10, 2005:
Nelson moved to approve the minutes as published. Motion was seconded and passed. Thurman noted that he had attended the February 24th meeting as Jurgenson’s alternate but Jurgenson had been reported as absent and he was listed as a guest. Thurman moved to revise those minutes to reflect that he was Jurgenson’s alternate. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Graduate College Reports:
Koch showed a sample of the Certificate of Recognition that will be presented to the first 50 living graduates of UNI graduate programs. She said that there will be a 50 year reunion which these graduates have been invited to attend on May 5th and that she will be hosting a small dinner for them at the end of the day. She announced that there will be a celebration for graduating graduate students on May 6 at the Oster Regent Theatre lobby and Cup of Joe. This ties in with the Making Place Matter initiative that is working to better link UNI with the Cedar Valley, in this case downtown Cedar Falls. She asked that Council members encourage their graduating graduate students to attend.

Walker announced that the MEMFIS system will allow more flexibility in the Summer Fellowship program. Starting with Summer 2006, 4-week fellowships will be available for the May, June, or July terms and 8-week fellowships will be available any 2 of the terms.

McGlade announced that there will be an academic ethics forum on April 6 and a second Brown Bag Lecture on April 13.


3. Announcements:


4. Report from the Chair of the Graduate Faculty:
Kirmani reminded Council that the Annual Graduate Faculty meeting will be April 14. The speaker will be Dr. Les Sims, former graduate dean at the University of Iowa, now with the Council of Graduate Schools in Washington, D.C. A reception will be held in the Great Reading Room after the meeting. Kirmani suggested that next fall the Graduate Dean give a state of the college talk at the beginning of the academic year.


5. Action: UCC Committee appointment
McGlade reported that Mohammed Fahmy had been contacted and is interested in continuing as the Council representative on the UCC. Moore moved that Fahmy be our liaison to the UCC. Motion was seconded. McGlade proposed a friendly amendment to add pending his acceptance. Amendment was accepted and motion passed as amended.


6. Action: GCCC elections/appointments
McGlade said that there is confusion as to how the members of the GCCC are selected. Some colleges have elections and some colleges appoint members. She said that the history is that the chair comes from the Council and a member from each college is appointed to a two-year term. But this has evolved over the years so that the Associate Dean chairs the committee. Fecik suggested appointing a committee of 2-3 to draft a motion for the Council to act upon. McGlade noted that one college held elections this week so we need to have clarity as quickly as possible. Nelson said that the first thing to decide is whether we want the GCCC to be a sub-committee of Council members or a committee with members from outside the Council that reports to the Council. If we decide that the members should be faculty outside the Council, then it might be convenient to let the Committee on Committees run the election. Koch noted that the Council has the authority to set the boundaries on who can run (e.g., only members of the Graduate Faculty). Pohl said that there should be Council representation on the GCCC. McGlade questioned why the Associate Dean was chair. Koch said probably to facilitate getting the work done and information into the catalog. Nelson added also probably for continuity. McGlade said she thought the chair should be a faculty member. She said there was a question about the committee membership last year and, as a result, the validity of the decisions made regarding some courses. Nelson said that those decisions cannot be nullified because the Council made the final decisions and forwarded them to the Senate. Mack asked what was the advantage of an elected over an appointed membership. The response was one of perception of faculty elected versus a committee of dean appointees.

Fecik listed options for determining GCCC membership: 1) Graduate College/Council hold an election; 2) college senates hold the elections; 3) Committee on Committees hold the election; 4) Council members constitute the committee. Walker said that in the past each of the college deans has appointed a member from their college so that would also be an option. Nelson noted that it is too late to make a policy for this year because the Committee on Committees is holding their elections right now. She suggested having the members elected in a manner parallel to Council elections. She also suggested having a five person committee with two additional members from the Council. Fecik noted that would make the transition between the GCCC and the Council much stronger. Pohl moved to follow the same procedures as for Council elections and have two members serve from the Council, one as chair and one as chair elect. Motion was seconded. Nelson suggested initiating this with the next round of college elections in Spring 2006. Fecik said he would like a full statement drafted for action at the next meeting. Pohl withdrew her motion. Nelson moved to affirm the committee operating on the current structure, with the 5 college representatives and the ex-officios, and additionally have two Council members serve on the committee. Motion was seconded. Kirmani said that it should be amended so it is applicable only for this next year. Nelson amended her motion to be effective for the 2005-06 academic year. Motion passed. Fecik appointed Nelson, Pohl and McGlade to draft a statement to be acted upon at the April 28 meeting. Council members to serve on GCCC will be appointed in the fall, after the new Council convenes.


7. Discussion: Credit/No Credit
Nelson asked if the information requested on the credit/no credit issue was available. McGlade read the requirements from the Iowa State catalog. Nelson noted that credit/no credit is not intended to be a significant part of a program. Fecik said that credit/no credit should not be used in a graduate program at all. McGlade noted that the UNI catalog says it is available at the discretion of the department so departments do not have to approve its use. Pohl moved to table the issue until more information is available. Motion was seconded and passed.


8. Discussion: 299 Policy
Pohl moved to table. Motion was seconded and passed.


9. Discussion: LOA v. Recency/absence time limits
Pohl moved to table. Motion was seconded and passed.


10. Other business:


11. Adjournment:
Moore moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at
4:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ann Hesse
Secretary Pro Tem