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Graduate Council Minutes #942

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March 10, 2005

The Graduate Council


Graduate Council Minutes No. 942

Thursday, March 10, 2005, 3:30 p.m., Lang 115

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Fecik, Joslyn, Kirmani, Koch, Mack, MacLin, McGlade, Moore, Nelson, Petersen, Pohl, Rajendran, Walker

Absent: Jurgenson, Thompson


1. Minutes from February 24, 2005:
Walker noted that Petersen and Thompson were listed as both present and absent. The minutes will reflect that Petersen was in attendance but Thompson was not. Nelson moved that the minutes be approved as revised. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Graduate College Reports:
Walker announced that the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award selection Committee will meet March 28.


3. Announcements:
Kirmani expressed thanks to Joslyn for her presentation at the first Brown Bag lecture series. The second Brown Bag lecture will be April 13 at noon. Dr. Philip Kutzko, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Iowa, will give a presentation titled, “The Fact of Contact: Building a Post-Racial Community at our Iowa Regents’ Universities”. A panel discussion will be held in conjunction with the presentation. This event will be advertised to all graduate faculty.


4. Report from the Chair of the Graduate Faculty:
The Annual Graduate Faculty meeting will be April 14 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 115.
Dr. Les Sims, former graduate dean at the University of Iowa, now with the Council of Graduate Schools in Washington, D.C., will speak on “Professional Science Master’s Programs”. A reception will be held in the Great Reading Room after the meeting.


5. Action:
MacLin requested that agenda item #5, “Minimum (“passing”) grades for graduate students”, be postponed until 4pm to allow input from McGlade who would be arriving late. She also requested that agenda item #7 “Items to consider for remaining meetings of semester”, be discussed now.


6. Action:
The 299 Policy has been tabled.


7. Discussion:
MacLin stated the Council needs to appoint a faculty member to serve on the University Curriculum Committee by the next meeting. Mohammed Fahmy has been the Council’s representative for four terms. MacLin will ask Fahmy if he would like to continue to serve on the Committee.

Fecik asked if the Council would like to receive a summary of the academic program review for each graduate program. Koch indicated that the Provost’s Office receives a two-page report of each program review so summaries are available.

Fecik asked if there are policies in the catalog that the Council needs to review.

Rajendran asked if the strategic plan for graduate education needs to be revised. The last graduate education strategic plan was written in 1996. Koch indicated a retreat might be a way to raise issues and become more focused. Discussion could include trends in graduate education, budget, etc.

MacLin brought Action item #5 to the table. MacLin stated there is no policy regarding a minimum “passing” grade for graduate students. Because there is no graduate policy, any questions default to the undergraduate policy which states, “A grade of C- or higher is required in a course to receive credit on the ‘credit/no credit’ option.” MacLin asked if a graduate policy regarding credit/no credit should be implemented. Both Iowa State University and the University of Iowa require students to earn a minimum grade of B in order to receive credit if the course is taken credit/no credit. If a UNI student transfers to either Iowa State or the University of Iowa, it is assumed that the student received a B or higher if credit was earned for the course.

Rajendran believes graduate students should earn a grade of B in order to receive credit. MacLin feels that a graduate student who earns a C should receive no credit for the course.

Fecik quoted from the UNI Catalog, “Up to 3 credit hours of graduate nongraded course work may be applied within the program of study. Exceptions are practica, internships, 299/399 Research and xxx:29R Directed Research.” There is no policy as to how credit/no credit courses transferred to UNI may be used on a program of study.

Nelson would like to know how many credit/no credit hours Iowa State and the University of Iowa accept if a UNI student transfers. She would like to know the answer before a vote is taken on any new policy.

Fecik indicated that UNI could adopt a policy that will not allow any transfer credit/no credit hours be used on a graduate program. MacLin stated such a policy does not address the issue of UNI students who transfer credit/no credit hours to Iowa State or the University of Iowa.

This issue will be voted on at the next meeting.


8. Other business:
Joslyn inquired about the status of a forum on plagiarism. Fecik is on the committee which has met to discuss academic ethics/plagiarism but a date has not been set for the forum. Joslyn asked if cheating on exams will be included. Fecik stated the discussion focused primarily on plagiarism but other ethical issues regarding academics were discussed.

Koch indicated it is a good idea to get started now on this issue but would like to see the Graduate College take the lead on something with a more broad approach next fall. There are some unique issues to graduate students that should be explored but this topic permeates the entire university.


9. Adjournment:
Nelson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at
4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Shirley Uehle