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February 10, 2005

Graduate Council Minutes No. 940

Thursday, February 10, 2005, 3:30 p.m., Lang 115

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Fecik, Joslyn, Jackson, Kirmani, Koch, Mack, MacLin, McGlade, Moore, Nelson, Petersen, Rajendran, Thompson, Walker

Absent: Jurgenson, Pohl


1. Minutes from December 9, 2004:
Thompson moved to accept the minutes as published. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Graduate College Reports:
Koch thanked those members of the Council who attended the Campus Conversation meeting on Friday, February 4.

Koch indicated that the Cabinet budget message was posted on UNIOnline today.

Koch reported she attended the first national meeting on fund raising for graduate schools. One of the items discussed at the meeting was the importance of identifying alumni. Koch met with the UNI Foundation in September to discuss fund raising for the Graduate College.

Koch distributed a copy of the article, “A Half Century Down, the Future to Go”, which was published in the Winter 2005 issue of the University of Northern Iowa Today magazine. The article featured the first 50 years of graduate education at UNI.

Koch reported that she has met with Noreen Hermansen, Director of Alumni Relations, to identify the first 50 living graduates who were all from the College of Education. These “First 50” individuals will be awarded with a special certificate and may be invited to commencement ceremonies in May. Koch suggested that some of the early graduates might like to provide some support for the Graduate College. Kirmani suggested that recognition also be given to early graduates who are deceased.

Thompson asked Koch if she feels there is a conflict with the other colleges by asking for money from graduate alumni. Koch indicated she is working with the college deans to make sure they don’t see this as a competition. Thompson feels that support will increase by having the deans on board.

Suggestions were submitted for ways to recognize alumni donations such as naming the Graduate College, a scholarship or a room.

Fecik reported that last year the Department of Industrial Technology celebrated 100 years. A letter was sent to all graduates who could be identified, soliciting donations, etc.

Koch participated in the Alumni Retreat last fall and has been invited to participate in the spring meeting.

McGlade pointed out that there is a section on the Graduate College website for giving back. This could go beyond giving money; other possibilities might include a guest lecture, mentoring a student, networking, etc.

Koch reminded the Council of the April 14 Graduate Faculty Annual meeting.

Walker reported that Koch helped reinstate the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award this year. Nominations were solicited from faculty and students; however, all nominations received were from students. Several faculty have volunteered to serve on the committee but he is interested in having someone from CHFA and is taking recommendations. Walker would also like to have a student on the committee. The award will be presented at the April 14 Graduate Faculty meeting.

McGlade reported that there will be full implementation on WebCT by spring break. The Graduate College will begin sending a letter to newly admitted students with instructions on how to access WebCT. She is working with the Registrar’s Office on the implementation of an automatic GF-1 at point of admission. Advisors will have the ability to immediately view their students’ GF-1 forms.


3. Announcements:
MacLin reported that President Koob plans to meet with the Council at the February 24th meeting. MacLin encouraged members to view the video of Dr. Koob on the Graduate College website and also to come with questions to the meeting on the 24th.


4. Report from the Chair of the Graduate Faculty:
Kirmani reminded the Council of the February 16, 2005 Brown Bag Lecture featuring Dr. Sue Joslyn, 2004-05 Distinguished Scholar. He has informed local hospitals of the presentation since her topic will be “The Epidemiology of Cancer”. Dr. Kenneth Atkins, 2005-06 Distinguished Scholar, will be the next featured speaker.

Kirmani would like to see the Graduate College publish a newsletter every year. The College of Natural Sciences solicits funds from alumni through a newsletter. Specific accounts are designated for donation purposes and some companies match contributions made by their employees. McGlade indicated the Graduate College is going to have an online graduate newsletter to which students may post information. She would also invite departments, current students and alumni to post news to this virtual newsletter. Walker reported that the Graduate College has published two print newsletters which were very time consuming and expensive.


5. Information
Graduate College Web Site Demonstration

McGlade introduced the three graduate assistants who have designed and implemented the new Graduate College web site. They demonstrated features of the site including the links to videos of Dr. Koob, graduate faculty and student profiles, future possibilities for faculty to post their own information, etc.


6. Discussion
MacLin suggested the topic of plagiarism be tabled. McGlade asked if a campus forum on plagiarism should be held. Nelson strongly encouraged the Council to move forward with a forum. Thompson knows a law professor from the University of Iowa who could be the featured speaker. Nelson moved that the Council conduct a planning meeting and also to hold a forum on plagiarism. Motion was seconded and passed. Discussion on the topic of plagiarism will be held at the March 10 Council meeting. McGlade distributed a page from the web with links to sites regarding plagiarism as well as a policies and procedures document.


7. Items for publication:


8. Other business:


9. Adjournment:
Nelson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Shirley Uehle