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October 14, 2004

Present: Bozylinsky, Joslyn, G. Jackson, Jurgenson, Koch, Mack, MacLin, Nelson, Pohl, Rajendran, J. Ridenhour (for Kirmani), Thompson, Walker, J. Wilson (for Moore)

Absent: Etscheidt, Fecik, McGlade, A. Petersen


1. Minutes from September 23, 2004:
Rajendran moved that the minutes be approved as published. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Graduate College Reports:
Koch announced that the Celebrate 50 Years of Graduate Education banners were recently hung in the Graduate College and invited everyone to stop by to see them. She has met with a planning group for the celebration and several good ideas were generated. Now decisions will have to be made as to which are best and most reasonable to accomplish. She reported that she, along with the other deans, was invited to give a presentation and make recommendations on how the Foundation can help support graduate education at a recent Foundation retreat. This is the first time that the Graduate College has been included. Koch announced that President Koob will be having lunch with the Graduate Dean's Student Advisory Council and that there is an alumni event in Cedar Rapids on October 19 for prospective students, parents, and alumni that will have a graduate student on the panel for the first time. She, Kirmani and MacLin will be attending. Koch distributed a pamphlet for the MA in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development. If there is enough interest, it will start spring semester. Thompson asked how it was determined who was eligible to apply, if there was an exam, such as the GRE, needed to enter the program, and what criteria will be used to determine who will be accepted? Koch replied that there was a contact person listed in the brochure for information. Jurgenson pointed out that the brochure is not an application form, but a request for further information.

Walker thanked those who had agreed to serve on the various committees as well as those who had made suggestions for committee members. He now has full committees for all of the awards. Announcements will be made by mid-November and the awards are presented at the spring Graduate Faculty meeting.


3. Announcements:
MacLin said that she had a date set up for President Koob to meet with the Council, but he had to cancel. She will be meeting with him yet this semester and will report back, but he will not be able to meet with the Council till spring semester.


4. Update on Grievance Procedure:
MacLin said that the Cabinet had never approved the 2002 version of the graduate grievance procedures, so at this time the 1994 document is still the official version. The 2002 document has been sent to the Cabinet for approval.


5. Discussion Items:
MacLin said that the data in the proposed resolution were still being gathered. Some suggestions were made for corrections.


MacLin described a situation this past spring where a student who had not progressed towards his thesis marched at graduation, apparently without the knowledge of the department. She asked if we should implement something to prevent this? Several said that schools they attended required that everything be finished in order to walk. It was noted that the diploma is not actually awarded at graduation, but the name does appear in the graduation program. Jurgenson noted that there appears to be a lot of flexibility in the Registrar's Office in terms of the deadline dates for things to be completed for graduation—a substantial amount of time after graduation is allowed. The question was not whether the student actually graduated, but what should be required in order to walk at graduation. Since no one from the Registrar's Office was present, further discussion was postponed to a later meeting.


6. Items for publication:


7. Other business:
Jurgenson asked how many were involved in conversations about the professional master's degrees being discussed and said that Biology was considering two of them. He said that the rationale is that industry perceives a need for people to be able to deal with both the lab personnel and management—people with a masters in science but who can work in a business environment. Ridenhour said that Mathematics has gotten a planning grant and has applied for an implementation grant. The program will have three components: training in a science area, training in business, and experiential component in industry. The goal is to develop people with expertise in an area as well as business and managerial skills. Thompson asked if the accrediting bodies had approved this? Jurgenson said that the program would use the business courses already offered. Rajendran asked if there had been thought given to taking a business student and training them in the science area? Ridenhour said that business was a small component of the program. He said there are 97 programs being offered at 45 universities nationwide—mostly in PhD institutions. Now the focus is on MA institutions. He said that the idea is to train people for a career. Rajendran noted that many employers don't care what area the degree is in as they can train people in specific aspects of the job. Former graduates now in managerial positions could utilize this degree. Ridenhour noted that neither Iowa nor Iowa State have this. MacLin said that this is one of the things she will be discussing with President Koob.


9. Adjournment:
Nelson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ann Hesse