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September 23, 2004

Present: Bozylinsky, Etscheidt, Fecik, Joslyn, Jurgenson, Present: Kirmani, Koch, Mack, MacLin, McGlade, Moore, Nelson, Pohl, Rajendran, Thompson, Walker

Visitors: Pam MacKay (Registrar's Office)


1. Minutes from September 9, 2004:
McGlade apologized for omitting Dr. Cherin Lee, who served as the representative from the College of Natural Sciences, from the ''thank you'' list of the Administrative Task Force named in the last minutes and asked that her contribution be formally recognized at this meeting. Nelson moved that the minutes be approved as revised. Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Graduate College Reports:
Koch announced that the Board of Regents approved the new MA in Philanthropy and Non-Profit Development. It will serve working professionals and be delivered via ICN. It will start either Spring 2005 or Fall 2005.

Walker announced that he is still looking for committee members for the various awards. Council members Frank Thompson and Lauren Nelson volunteered to serve on the Distinguished Scholar Award Committee.

McGlade announced that the Registrar could now provide names of students admitted provisionally who have more than 7 hours completed so a check can be done to determine if they have completed the terms of their provisional admission.


3. Announcements:
McGlade announced that some of the first video shoots for the new Graduate College website are being done next week in the College of Business. Anticipated date for the new site is the end of the first week of October.


4. Action on Grievance Procedures:
Thompson moved to bring the item to the floor. Motion was seconded and passed. McGlade summarized the differences in the 1994 and 2002 grievance procedures and noted that the 1994 one was more similar to the undergraduate procedure. However, Tim McKenna had suggested adding ''school'' to make the steps relate to a number of school days. There was discussion relating to having graduate grievances heard by the same board that hears the undergraduate grievances. MacLin suggested having the two boards meet to discuss and compare procedures. Thompson moved to formalize the 2002 document with the change from ''days'' to ''school days,'' to have a separate board for graduate grievances, and to implement the board as part of the university structure. Motion was seconded. MacLin raised the issue of parity between the undergraduate and graduate boards' policies and that parity for parity sake should not be the issue, but rather, what makes sense given the types of grievances each board hears. Nelson noted that the motion did not address the parity issue and she felt it should not be included at this time. Motion passed. Nelson suggested contacting the chair of the Committee on Committees to get the faculty positions elected by the colleges added to the spring elections. Student representatives should be appointed by the Graduate College.


5. Discussion Items:
MacLin said that she had received inquiries regarding doing something in recognition of Somervill's service to the Graduate College. Several possibilities were suggested and will be taken into consideration.

McGlade reinforced that the Graduate College Curriculum Committee is a subcommittee of the Graduate Council and that curricular packets go from the GCCC, to the Council, to the Senate. MacLin noted that this reporting line has been in place since the 1977 minutes and has been the practice. One issue is whether the college representatives should be elected or appointed. Currently it varies by college. An item for future consideration is whether this needs to be specified. She also noted that all GCCC meetings are open to interested faculty.

McGlade said that provisional admissions present problems in some departments. They may try to tie other issues in with admissions or may want to have some regulations apply to some students but not to others. MacLin also noted that even though the provisions are in place, they are not always enforced. There may not need to be a new policy, just better oversight of the current one. Departmental regulations need to be applied to all students. It was decided that there probably needs to be a clarification of policy by the Council to be brought to a later meeting.


6. Update:
McGlade said that the Graduate College had requested from departments a copy of their comprehensive exam policy. Only three departments complied. She will send out another request, but wanted guidance on how far to pursue this. Nelson suggested that if there is continual non-compliance with the request, the Council should define a default policy that will be operative unless a department has a policy on file in the Graduate College. A suggested default policy will be composed and brought to a future meeting for discussion and approval.


7. Items for publication:


8. Other business:
MacLin noted that the five-year review for President Koob would be this year. The process should start next week.


9. Adjournment:
Thompson moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ann Hesse