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March 11, 2004

Present: Coulter, Gallagher, Hamilton (for Joslyn), Haselhuhn, Mack, Maclin, Nelson, Pettit, Pohl, Rajendran,, Thompson; ex officio: McGlade, Somervill, Walker


Call to Order


Approval of the minutes


Deans' Report

Dean Somervill reported that there has been a 9% increase in graduate tuition with only a 3.7% increase in the tuition account. The difference is $63,000, which is equal to 11.5 tuition scholarships. These scholarships will have to be cut.

Associate Dean Walker reported that the Distinguished Scholar guidelines have been revised to reflect current selection process and award.

Associate Dean McGlade Indicated that the graduate student web page will be demonstrated at the Graduate Faculty meeting. It was also noted that students have expressed an interest in workshops on external fellowships and doctoral programs.

A survey on admissions criteria will be done in the fall. Additionally, a task force on forms and procedures is being formed. This group will revise forms and review the chain of communication.



1. The annual Graduate faculty meeting will be held on April 8 at 3:30 pm in Seerley 115. The topic will be diversity in graduate education. Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Awards and the Distinguished Scholar Award will be presented.

2. The AAUP Spring Conference will be held at UNI. The theme will be academic freedom. The conference will be March 27 from 9 – 12 am.


GCCC Report
The GCCC recommended approval of all curricular items.
Moved: That the GCCC Report be accepted as presented. Moved by Coulter, second by Hamilton
Questions were asked about faculty for the MA degree in Philanthropy. Dean Somervill indicated that most faculty would be UNI graduate faculty. He also discussed temporary graduate faculty status and presented the origin of the proposal. Dr. Edginton (HPELS) also pointed out that a number of courses in this area are currently taught by the Division of Leisure, Youth and Human Services in the School of HPELS. He also pointed out that the degree is interdisciplinary.
There was a question as to the need for the program. Somervill responded that there is virtually no overlap in clientele between this program and other existing degree programs. The target population for this program is practicing professionals seeking a higher level of expertise, beyond a certificate. There will be consultation with the College of Business on program evaluation.
Somervill indicated that the resources required to support this program will be supported by enrollment through Continuing Education. Courses must have enrollment sufficient to pay for course in order to be held.
Maclin summarized the total GCCC report.

Motion to accept: passed


Items for Publication: None


Other Business


Adjourned at 4:15 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy Hamilton