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Graduate Council Minutes #911

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November 8, 2001

Present: Coulter, Dolgener, Janopoulos (for Utz), Fogarty, Jackson, Mosher, Rajendran, Somervill, Walker, Wallingford, Wong

Absent: Bozylinsky, Clayton, Hanson, Saiia, Smaldino


A correction was reported to Minutes #910. Academic year of 2003 was to be specifically stated in the change of deadline for graduate assistantship application. Minutes were approved as corrected.

Somervill presented information regarding the topic of mandatory GPA for non-degree graduate students. The issue was not discussed but was mentioned as a subject for future meetings and Council members were asked to look over the information he distributed.

Jackson presented the preliminary report of the Graduate Curriculum Committee. Two new intensive study areas have been proposed for the Doctorate in Education. One is in Special Education and the other is in Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services. Somervill mentioned that these are not new programs but new major emphases and both Iowa and Iowa State have supported them. Somervill mentioned that large enrollments in these emphases could potentially change UNI from a masters to a doctoral II status. Jackson said that the Graduate Curriculum Committee is primarily concerned with making sure that departments have met university guidelines as they request curriculum changes. Fogarty moved, seconded by Coulter, to adopt the report, subject to revisions. The motion passed.

In announcements, there was the mention of the possibility of a December 13th meeting for the Graduate Council. More information on the minimum GPA for non-degree graduate students would be presented then.

Walker stated that all full and part time graduate students have been invited to nominate someone for the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award. The award has been lowered from $2000 to $1500 to be consistent with the other University awards, which have been reduced to $1500. The award will be presented at the annual meeting of the Graduate Faculty, next spring.

There were no items for publication.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Nicole Willits