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Graduate Council Minutes #909

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October 11, 2001

Present: Clayton, Dolgener, Janopoulos (for Utz), Rajendran, Reis, Somervill, Villavicencio, Walker, Wallingford, Weller (for Fogarty), Wong

Absent: Bozylinsky, Coulter, Hanson, Jackson, Moser, Saiia, Smaldino


A correction was reported to Minutes #908. There was a typo. The word non-tenure was changed to tenure. Minutes were approved as corrected.

Somervill introduced the Graduate Council Representatives of the Dean's Advisory Committee. Alvaro Villavicencio is from the doctoral program and Davi Reis is from the masters program. Walker announced that there were no nominees for the Distinguished Scholar Award. He then dismissed the committee with his thanks.

The Council discussed the possibility of a minimum GPA for non-degree graduate students. Somervill stated that UNI is the most liberal of Regents universities. The suggested minimum was 3.0. Weller asked how this change would affect summer programs. Somervill stated that students falling below a cumulative 3.0 GPA would receive a letter of suspension and would not be allowed to attend such classes. As of now the minimum GPA requirement for graduate students is a 3.0. However, the average graduate student GPA is a 3.7. It is argued that graduate level courses should have graduate level requirements. If there is no minimum for these courses there is a possibility that the non-degree students do not have the same expectations as the degree graduate students in the course. Somervill stated that there are three reasons non-graduate students take graduate courses: first, the student does not want a degree, such as a retired person or a person who has come back to college; second, the student uses the courses as a back door for acceptance into a graduate program; third, the student needs the course for certification. The Graduate Council was asked to speak with peers to collect opinions helping the Council move toward a motion or action on the matter.

The Council discussed the possibility of a new deadline for graduate assistantship applications. There have been complaints in the past that the deadline is too late for UNI programs to be competitive. A February 1st deadline will be printed in the new catalog. This new deadline will allow departments to get offers out to potential students making UNI more competitive.

Somervill asked for volunteers to serve on a committee to simplify the process of approving post-baccalaureate certification programs. Forrest Dolgener, Taggart Frost, and a member of the Gerontology program volunteered for the committee. Somervill suggested the committee meet with Vivian Jackson and Jim Bodensteiner.

Wong announced that the dates for the Regent's Award for Faculty Excellence Committee have been moved to November and December instead of February. This means that the previous volunteer, Hanson, will be unable to serve on the committee. The work will begin in November or December ending in January. K. Rajendren volunteered as long as the work is completed this semester, and Wallingford volunteered to be on the committee if the work extends into the second semester.

There were no items for publication

The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kiley Ingerslev


Next meeting will be Thursday, October 25, 2001