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Graduate Council Minutes #908

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September 27, 2001

Present: Coulter, Fogarty, Hanson, Jackson, Rajendran, Saiia, Smaldino, Somervill, Walker, Wallingford, Wong

Absent: Bozylinsky, Clayton, Dolgener, Utz


A correction was reported to Minutes #907. There was a typo. The word tires was changed to the word tries. Minutes were approved as corrected

Somervill announced the names of the members of the Graduate Dean's Student Advisory Committee as Tridib Das, College of Business, Madalina Tincu and Davi Reis, College of Education, John Kohagen, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Alvaro Villavicencio and Steven Badger, College of Natural Science. There is still a need for a committee member from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The Graduate Dean's Student Advisory Committee represents graduate students and gives feed back to the Graduate College Dean. Once all the members of the committee have been selected, the committee as a whole will select one student in the Masters Program and one student in the Doctoral Program to serve as voting members of the Graduate Council. Somervill also asked the Council to appoint a new liaison to report to the Council events and decisions made by the University Curriculum Committee. It was announced that the current liaison, Mohammed Fahmy, is willing to serve as the liaison again if the Council is willing to re-elect him. Curtis Hansen moved to nominate Mohammed Fahmy for the position of Graduate Council Liaison to University Curriculum Committee. Smaldino seconded the motion and Fahmy was re-elected. Smaldino suggested that the Graduate Curriculum Committee, Chaired by Jackson, needed the information discussed by the University Curriculum Committee more than the entire Graduate Council itself; therefore, Jackson should meet with Fahmy to decide how often the liaison should report to the Graduate Curriculum Committee. From there Jackson will report to the Council.

Jackson stated that this is an "on" year of graduate curriculum. The Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) has begun reviewing curriculum packets from the various colleges. The GCC review schedule will be similar to that of the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), with each college's packet being reviewed or discussed about one week after it has been reviewed by the UCC. The Chair of the GCC anticipates that the committee will complete its work by the end of October and will submit its recommendations to the Council at the November 8th meeting.

Jackson also indicated that copies of the Graduate Student Handbook are available on request. Over 350 copies of the Handbook were distributed to students last year. The Graduate College would like to make copies of this document available to as many graduate students as possible. Council members were encouraged to "pass the word" about the Handbook's availability.

Jane Wong announced that Melissa Heston is putting together the Regent's Award for Faculty Excellence Committee. The committee meets twice in January and is done by February. Curtis Hansen volunteered to serve on the committee.

David Walker announced the need for Council members on the Distinguished Scholar Committee. The committee reads credentials, on and off campus recommendations, and samples of work. The Graduate Faculty Chair, Jane Wong is automatically on the committee. Wallingford will appoint a Distinguished Scholar and a member-at-large. Cynthia Coulter, and K. Rajendren volunteered to represent the Graduate Council positions.

This year, Somervill stated, the Graduate College suffered a six percent budget cut initially and he anticipates a second cut later in the year. Faculty responses received by the Graduate College were unanimous to maintain assistantships as a priority. Walker stated that out of his received responses, 75% thought tenure track faculty should have a travel preference and 25% thought the development of both tenure track and tenure track faculty was necessary. Last year the Graduate College spent $97,332, 38% of the total spent on tenure track faculty; 31% of UNI faculty was tenure track. Several Council members agreed and stated the responses they received were similar. Walker stated that if tenure track faculty were to be given preference it would probably be in the form of an increased award. From a comparative stand point, the support given by the Graduate College is generous. The Graduate College also supports graduate student travel. Many faculty members are used to getting a lot of support and that makes it even harder to decide where to cut. A question arose of how the Graduate College distributes the money evenly between the fall and spring semesters. Last year 60% of the funds went to the fall semester and 40% went to the spring. Walker stated that he always tries to even out the dollar amount. Wong inquired about the scholarships and stipends already awarded. Somervill said those assistantships are in place all year. It was also stated that if needed the student travel would be cut before the assistantships. Somervill stated he is not asking for a motion from the Graduate Council, but he wanted council members to solicit opinions of faculty members.

There were no announcements and no items for publication.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kiley Ingerslev