Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #903

February 22, 2001


Present: Bankston, Coulter, Jackson, Rajendran, Smaldino, Somervill, Utz, Walker, Wartick
Absent: Bozylinsky, Clayton, Dolgener, Hanson, Vajpeyi, Wallingford, Wong
A correction was reported to Minutes No. 902. The Graduate Faculty Meeting will be held on April 12, at 3:30 p.m. in Seerely Hall 115. Minutes were approved as corrected.
The NCA visited the campus from February 18th-21st. Representatives from the NCA team met separately with the Graduate College, Graduate Council, and a panel of Graduate Students. The NCA members who visited with representatives of graduate education seemed to be satisfied with the outcome of these meetings and their overall campus visit.
Smaldino began the discussion for action on policy for transfer credit from Master's programs to Doctoral programs in the College of Education. It is a rare occasion that a student has a second, third, or specialist degree who is also getting a Doctorate in the College of Education. These transfer credits would most likely be applied to any elective course work required. It was questioned why the College of Education allowed a combined maximum of 15 hours of transfer credit while the DIT only allowed a combined maximum of 12. After discussion about developing a universal policy, it was decided that these are two different degrees with different needs. The policies will remain as they always have in regards to combined maximum transfer credits. Smaldino moved to adopt the proposal as written. Coulter seconded, motion passed. The proposal is stated below with changes in bold type.
#3 Credit from another institution:
A student can apply toward the doctorate a combined maximum of fifteen (15) hours of transfer credit and a second or third masters, or specialist degree credit (maximum of six (6) hours).
a. Transfer Credit.
Usually a maximum of fifteen (15) hours of credit from regionally accredited graduate institutions may be applied toward meeting the minimum credit hour requirements for the Doctor of Education Degree, subject to the Recency of Credit regulation. Hours that have been applied to meet the requirements of another degree cannot be transferred.
Keep remainder of the statement re: transfer credit as is.
b. Master's Degree Credit.
A maximum of six (6) hours of graduate credit applied to meet the requirements of a second or third masters degree may be applied toward the doctorate, subject to the Recency of Credit regulation. These hours must be approved by the Chair of the Intensive Study Area and the Department Head.
Discussion of a request to seek clarification of the role of research at UNI was postponed until the March 8th meeting.
Utz announced that the Graduate Faculty in the English department had decided to raise the minimum TEFOL scores to 600 for the Master's in English program to match the minimum score required by the TESOL program.
Somervill announced that there are plans to create grant writing critique committees. These committees will assist first time grant writers by providing feedback and input in hopes of increasing the percent of grants submitted to grants funded.
The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Taya Ingerslev