Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #902

February 8, 2001


Present: Bankston, Coulter, Clayton, Hanson, Jackson, Utz, Vajpeyi, Walker, Wallingford, Wartick, Wong
Absent: Bozlinsky, Dolgener, Rajendran, Smaldino, Somervill
Action on minutes #901 were approved as published.
Walker announced that the Graduate College has been given an official date of Monday, March 5th to move to Lang Hall. Next, the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Interest survey is edited and on the Graduate College web site. Walker and his graduate assistant are in the final stages of formulating a print copy. They had over a 70% response from tenured and tenure-track faculty. Walker also informed the Council that 15 faculty were nominated for the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching Award, 12 of whom had at least one letter from a student. Eleven of those individuals submitted materials and are being considered for the award. This award will be presented at the April 12 Graduate Faculty Meeting. Jackson had three items to report on. There is now a new GF1 form being prepared for distribution. Along with new GF1 forms, new comprehensive exam forms have been created for departments to use in reporting scores to the Registrar. Also, the Graduate Curriculum Committee is continuing to meet with the various programs making curriculum changes.
Bankston updated the Council on plans for the 2001 Graduate Faculty Meeting. The date has been set for April 21, at 3:30 p.m., in Seerley Hall 115. There have been responses from over 17 programs with success stories.
The Graduate Strategic Planning Committee, which consists of Bankston, Jackson, Utz, Walker, and Wallingford, has met several times to review the strategic plans from most of UNI's peer institutions as well as other UNI college documents. The committee is in the final stages of completing a plan containing 11 goals, with 1-4 strategies under each goal. Somervill hopes to bring the draft document before the Council at one of the March meetings.
The Council then discussed several topics in preparation for a meeting with a representative from the NCA. The meeting is set for Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 10:30 a.m., in Seerley Hall 116.
After a short discussion regarding action on policy for transfer credit from Master's programs to Doctoral programs in the College of Education it was decided that a representative from the College should be present. Hanson moved to postpone any action on a policy for transfer credit from Master's programs to Doctoral programs in the College of Education. Wong seconded, motion passed.
The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Taya Ingerslev