Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #891

December 9, 1999


Present: Cooper (for Dolgener), Coulter, Hanson, Jackson, Reineke, Somervill, Spencer, Utz, Walker, M. Wartick; Visitors: Bodensteiner (Cont. Educ.), Cryer (HPELS), Kueter (Teaching), McCalley (Biology), Simet (Chemistry), Switzer (Education).
Absent: Bankston, Bozylinsky, Durham, S. Smaldino, Vajpeyi, Wallingford
Coulter was appointed to preside at the meeting
Minutes #890 were approved as published.
Somervill passed out the Graduate College Budget Request. He has already turned it in to Provost Podolefsky who is supportive of the requests, if there is money to be allocated. This handout was for the Council only as a "FYI".
Walker asked the Council to consult with graduate coordinators in their college and nominate one person to serve on the selection committee for the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award. Please have the nominations in by February 1st.
Jackson indicated that copies of the final report of the Graduate Curriculum Committee had previously been distributed to members of the Council. She distributed a revision of page one of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts' curriculum proposals. Jackson indicated that most of the changes made this curriculum cycle consisted of changes to individual courses and restatements of existing majors. The Graduate Curriculum Committee has approved two new majors, a Masters in Accounting and an MS in Chemistry. She indicated that the report needed the Council's approval so that it could be forwarded to the Faculty Senate. Reineke moved approval of the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Report. Wartick seconded the motion. It passed.
Roger Kueter, Department of Teaching, came to discuss the topic of allowing instructor rank regular or adjunct faculty to offer UNI workshops or Supervision of Student Teachers courses with a "g" for graduate credit. The Council discussed the issue of Master's degree faculty teaching graduate level courses, and making sure that these courses are quality and that the students are learning at a graduate level. Those without graduate faculty status who are the only people available with expertise in an area will be approved on an individual basis each semester. This is a topic that is being brought to the Council for discussion. Somervill states he does not want to reinforce action if there is widespread disapproval. This will be an area that needs to be reviewed more intensely when members of the Council from the College of Education are present. Jackson stated that discussion of the topic was timely and warranted additional discussion. She indicated that the topic was much more complex than was being represented. She stated that in the near future the University will be offering both degree and non degree based professional development courses. It would be very important to put mechanisms in place which would enable the University to monitor non degree professional development courses so that they were not counted as part of degree programs.
Walker thanked Anne Dunlap for her work on Council minutes. She will be completing her Social Work degree internship in the spring semester.
The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Dunlap