Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #882


February 12, 1999


Present: Bankston, Bozylinsky, Bruess, Chao, Coulter, Jackson, Somervill, Utz, Walker, Wallingford
Absent: Dedrick, Doody, Durham, Hanson, Raiklin, Smaldino, Sohl
Minutes #881 were approved as published.
Somervill announced that there will be an increase in tuition money next year, to cover the 4.5% increase in tuition. No additional stipends will be funded. His future goal will be to seek a built-in step increase which corresponds with the cost of living. He encourages feedback on this subject matter.
Jackson spoke about the draft Departmental Probation and Dismissal Policy currently under review. The major issues in the policy statement are to allow individual departments to have a probation and or a dismissal policy based on ethical or professional standards. Following due process, student rights will not be violated. This will be given to the Council to review before the academic year ends.
Jackson stated that there is not a chair for the Graduate College Curriculum Committee, and asked if the Council wanted to have a chair for the remainder of the spring '99 semester. Advantages and disadvantages of having a short-term chair were discussed. Chao suggested having the committee select its own chair. Jackson agreed and will bring the recommendation to the Curriculum Committee.
Bankston led a discussion about the annual Graduate Faculty meeting. Council members are encouraged to suggest topics of interest, especially critical issues facing graduate education across the campus. Suggestions included inviting Dr. Jules Lapidus, President of the Council of Graduate Schools, or a panel discussion with faculty representation from all five UNI colleges. Agenda items already include a change in the by-laws and the presentation of graduate student awards. Graduate Faculty Chair Sue Doody will announce a date for the spring meeting shortly.
Somervill asked the Council to consider establishing a formal connection with the University Senate. If a Graduate Faculty representative was chosen, the person must be a strong advocate of graduate education. Utz supported formal Senate representation so that graduate issues would more likely be heard. Coulter pointed out that it would be a good opportunity but there are also risks to be considered. She believed that it would be very important to find a representative who would be informed about budget and curriculum issues. Bankston said that he would talk to the chair of the University Senate and get back to the Council.
No new items were identified to publicize.
The meeting adjourned at 4:30p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Dunlap