Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #877

September 24, 1998


Present: Bankston, Bruess, Coulter, Dedrick, Doody, Hanson, Jackson, Somervill, Walker, Wallingford
Council delayed action on minutes #876 until the following meeting. Somervill made the following clarification: There are 167.5 assistantships currently available from the Graduate College for the 1998-99 academic year.
Somervill updated the status of the Policy on Scientific Misconduct. Faculty Senate suggested adopting the federal model policy for an interim period while the UNI campus community could review the policy the Graduate Council proposed and make comments. The President's Cabinet approved the model policy as policy rather than as an "interim policy."
Somervill stated that he would be meeting with the department heads of the Premier Programs. He will report back to Graduate Council for discussion as the Premier status ends with the current academic year.
Somervill began discussion about graduate students who request additional research hours, primarily related to the issue of eligibility for support. Doody suggested that an additional courses could be added when the student doesn't have enough hours left on their minimum program to be considered eligible for support during their last semester. Hanson moved that the Graduate Council recommend the Graduate College Curriculum Committee consider the development of a research course (with a common number) which could be used for hours of research in excess of the nine hours of XXX:299 currently allowed. Doody seconded the motion and it passed.
Somervill discussed the possible need for off-campus thesis defense guidelines. He requested that the Graduate Council develop guidelines, considering changes in technology, travel limitations, and conference calls. Doody suggested forming a committee to make recommendations for specific guidelines. Bankston will appoint the committee.
Somervill stated that there currently are no departmental procedures or policies that exceed the Graduate College requirements to place students on probation or suspension. There will be additional discussion concerning probation and suspension policies at the next Graduate Council meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Christina Stejskal