Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #870

November 13, 1997


Present: Bankston, Bruess, Chao, Dedrick, Gilpin (for Osman), Hanson, Hays, Jackson, Kalkwarf, Raiklin, Safford, Schrage, Smaldino, Somervill, Thomas, Walker
Absent: Bozylinsky, Kirmani
Visitors: Linda Quinn (Teaching)
Jackson moved that Minutes #869 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Hanson and passed.
Dedrick presented the Graduate College Curriculum Committee report. Thomas moved to approve the report. Chao seconded the motion and it passed. The Graduate College Curriculum Committee will remain active through the spring semester.
Gilpin discussed the Strategic Plan Reconciliation Committee's request for recommendations concerning appropriate performance indicators for the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan. Recommendations are being requested from faculty, staff, and students and can be sent to committee members by November 25. Hanson moved that the Graduate Council officers and the Graduate Faculty Chair hold a special meeting with Dean Podolefsky, Chair of the Reconciliation Committee, to discuss concerns and recommendations. Hays seconded the motion and it passed. Recommendations can be e-mailed to officers prior to the meeting.
Somervill said the Scientific Misconduct Policy was presented to Faculty Senate on Monday, November 10. Senate made a final decision to refer the document to a sub-committee for further discussion and suggested revisions. Hans Isakson will chair this committee.
Somervill expressed thanks to the following participants who attended the Recruitment Fair in New Orleans in October: Department Heads: John McCormick, Computer Science; Joel Haack, Math; John Butler, Communication Studies; Julia Wallace, Psychology; Barry Wilson, Educational Psychology; Directors of Programs: Raymond Tymas-Jones, Music; Al Hays, Master of Public Policy; Geof Mills, M.B.A.; Office of Academic Affairs: Chuck Means, Associate VP for Academic Affairs; Faculty: Bob Washut, Music; Students: Sabrina Jones, M.P.P; Katrina Green, UNI M.A. graduate in Communicative Disorders.
Walker announced that fourteen theses were nominated for the Outstanding Thesis Award. First Place will be awarded to Atta Kofi Osei, HPELS (Fred Kolkhorst, advisor). Second Place will be awarded to Sonia E. Ingles, History (John Johnson, advisor). Third Place will be awarded to John F. Hamman, Mathematics (Joel Haack, advisor). No Outstanding Dissertation Award will be given this year.
Somervill presented the Graduate College Budget Proposal and discussed the history of assistantships and scholarships. The following recommendations were made: 1) an increase of 20 masters level graduate assistant stipends at $6,000 each; 2) an increase of 20 tuition scholarships at $3,166 each; 3) the addition of an annual activity fee of $172 to be added for each tuition scholarship (213 scholarships currently budgeted in the Graduate College plus 20 new scholarships requested); 4) an increase of $10,000 in the Graduate Faculty Research budget; and 5) an increase of $5,000 in the Graduate Student Travel budget. The total increase requested is $238,396. Somervill also recommended the following order of priorities for the budget: 1) an increase of 20 stipends and 20 tuition scholarships; 2) the addition of an annual activity fee; 3) an increase in the Graduate Faculty Research budget; and 4) an increase in the Graduate Student Travel budget. Hays moved to endorse the prioritized budget request. Chao seconded the motion and it passed.
Somervill discussed the request for a central pool of funds to be created for matching grants. At the present time, the only source of matching funds is for NSF-ILI grants. After further discussion about the source and amount of matching funds, Somervill suggested if such an account is created, it should be administered through the academic affairs office, not the Graduate College. Hanson moved to endorse the creation of a fund for matching grants, in addition to the ILI grants. Thomas seconded it and the motion passed.
Walker announced the recommendation of a Graduate Council sub-committee naming David Buch (Music) the 1998-99 UNI Distinguished Scholar. Chao moved to endorse the committee's recommendation, and Thomas seconded it. Motion passed.
The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Christina Stejskal
Next meeting will be December 11, 1997 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerly 3.