Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #863

March 13, 1997


Present: Bankston, Decker, East, Hageman, Krapfl, Osman, Raiklin, Safford, Somervill, S. Smaldino (for Stefanich)
Absent: Chao, Crew, Dedrick, Finder, Jackson, Kirmani, Walker
Guests: Bart Bergquist (Natural Sciences), Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost), Donna Thompson (HPELS)
Decker moved that Minutes #862 be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Osman and passed.
Somervill reported that the Graduate College is working on getting its web page up and running. Mary Ann Hesse is working on it and will be distributing web page categories later in the meeting for discussion. Somervill also mentioned that Walker is teaching at the University of Swansea, Wales until after spring break.
East announced that Al Hays was elected as chair of the Graduate Faculty. He expressed thanks to those who ran. East also announced again that the Graduate Faculty meeting will be held on March 31st. The speakers are Glenn Hansen (Continuing Education) and James Bodensteiner (Off-Campus Programs). The topic will be "Market Driven Graduate Programs, Opportunities and Issues." The reception will begin at 3:00 in the Schindler lobby.
Marlin was invited to discuss grant incentive fund distribution with the Council. She indicated that the current program began two years ago, and was designed to enhance grant activity. She mentioned that the discussion of possible discontinuance of the program stems from the fact that it has not appeared to have paid off in the terms of increasing the amount of external funding. She indicated that the indirect costs going to the university are reimbursement for actual costs involving maintenance and operation, and that such funds go into the General Fund. Marlin then asked for suggestions or comments from the Council.
Bergquist suggested that the two-year lag time is misleading and actually involves only one year in terms of a real effect on grant activity. We need more time to see the results. He also stated that there is an important morale factor that is not to be over-looked. The faculty appreciation for the current distribution is widespread.
East asked what any distribution changes might entail. Marlin responded by saying that we need to be able to set a goal and show that we have achieved that goal. There needs to be a benchmark for progress with which to provide evidence to justify continuing the incentive distribution program. East suggested that, for a future agenda, the Graduate Council should gather suggestions to the question, "What are benchmarks that can be used to indicate results of the incentives program?"
There was also a copy of an e-mail communication from Gene Lutz concerning this issue distributed at the meeting.
The Council discussed 100g level courses in terms of changing the wording, as recommended by East. He suggested that the statement in the body of the catalog and in the course description about 100g level courses be modified in such a way that freshmen and sophomores may not take these classes. They are designed for juniors and above only. There needs to be a consistency developed as to how this is worded in the catalog. It was decided that East and Jackson will talk to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and work on making a statement to be approved at the next Council meeting.
The Graduate Council is seeking nominations for the newly formed Faculty Strategic Plan Committee. This is a three-year commitment. Please submit nominations, via e-mail, to Philip East or Keith Crew. The Council will elect a committee member at the next meeting.
Mary Ann Hesse distributed planned categories for the Graduate College web page for the Council to look over and provide input. She indicated that listing the MA programs was almost complete and that work on other documents will progress as time and work load allow. The page has not as yet been linked to the University's home page, but will be as soon as more progress has been made.
S. Smaldino mentioned the Summer 1998 schedule proposal. She asked support of the Graduate Council for a three session Summer schedule, including August. Without a third session, there are problems caused, especially for graduate programs in the College of Education which serves many teachers returning in the summer for graduate work.
Motion to adjourn was seconded and passed at 4:56 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Nicky Meints
Next meeting will be March 27, 1997 at 3:30 pm in Seerley 3