Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #851

March 28, 1996


Present: Chao, Crew, Dungan, East, Fahmy, Ishler, V. Jackson, Kalmar (for Shields), Meeker, Quirk, Safford, Somervill, Walker
Absent: Decker, Hageman, Raiklin, Stefanich, Yohe
Visitors: Susann Doody (College of Education)
Minutes #850 were approved as published.
Somervill said that he had received no suggestions for changes on the fourth draft of the Graduate Assistantship System document. He noted that he will be calling a meeting of those who agreed to work on the Graduate College strategic plan before the end of the semester.
Somervill noted that there are two new programs and one restatement of a program included in the curriculum package this year. Chao moved acceptance of the report from the Graduate College Curriculum Committee. Quirk seconded item #1, the curricular changes from the College of Business Administration. Motion passed. Quirk seconded item #2, the curricular changes from the College of Natural Sciences. Chao noted that he needed to check the abstracts to make sure everything was stated properly. Fahmy asked if the new Biology degree would fit within the existing requirements. Somervill said that there had been consultation with both Iowa and Iowa State on both the Biology and Computer Science programs. Motion passed. Quirk seconded item #3, the curricular changes from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Motion passed. Quirk seconded item #4, the curricular changes from the College of Education. Ishler questioned whether the change in the Educational Technology program should be classified as a new program. Chao said that it is a new program since it was previously a MAE degree and is now a MA degree. Jackson questioned the restatement of MA Major in School Library Media Studies. Ishler said that this is both a change of the title and a restatement of the degree. Jackson said that the title for the restatement of the MA Major in Mental Health Counseling should be Major in Counseling. Motion passed as amended. Quirk seconded item #5, the curricular changes from the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Fahmy questioned all of the new courses in the School of Music. Chao said that this was a repackaging of courses and actually reduced the number of credit hours. Motion passed. Quirk moved to commend the Graduate College Curriculum Committee and those who worked with them to help get the package approved--Keith Crew, Ira Simet, Vivian Jackson, and Carolyn Shields. Motion was seconded and passed.
Somervill said that the final draft of the Graduate Assistantship System document reflected changes in the termination section suggested by Tim McKenna and Mike Mixsell and the addition of a section on application procedures. The approved document will be distributed to deans, department heads, graduate coordinators, and graduate assistants. Safford noted the need for some minor language modifications which he will forward to Somervill. Kalmar questioned the requirement that the program of study be submitted before the completion of 12 hours. Somervill said that this was a requirement for all graduate students, not just graduate assistants, and that the program serves as a guide for the student regarding what courses to take and promotes a better understanding of the expectations. Quirk moved to approve the fourth draft of the document, with the necessary grammar and style changes. Motion was seconded. Ishler asked if Graduate College tuition funds can still not be used to support continuing education classes. Somervill replied that was correct. Motion was passed.
Quirk asked what mechanism was used to notify students who do not receive Graduate Assistantship and/or Graduate Tuition Scholarship awards, and when this was done. Somervill said that this was left up to the departments as the Graduate College only receives information on students who are being recommended for the awards.
Quirk asked about what was happening concerning PDL deadlines and submission to the Board of Regents. Walker said that the executive committee of United Faculty had approved revising the application deadline to October 1 in order to be able to meet the Board deadline in December. Quirk noted that a memorandum of understanding should be completed concerning this. A formal announcement will be sent to all faculty once the memorandum is signed.
Items to be publicized include the approval of the Graduate Assistantship System document and graduate curriculum.
Fahmy moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be April 11, 1996 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.