Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #847

January 25, 1996


Present: Chao, Crew, Dungan, East, Fahmy, Ishler, Kalmar (for Shields), Meeker, Quirk, Raiklin, Safford, Somervill, Stefanich, Waggoner (for Decker), Walker
Absent: Hageman, V. Jackson, Yohe
Visitor: Susann Doody, Joane McKay (College of Education); Phil Patton (Registrar)
Minutes #846 were approved after noting that Heather Rhoads is in Environmental Science. Fahmy said that E. A. Dennis had attended the last meeting as his alternate.
Somervill said that he planned to recommend an increase in the amount of the Graduate Assistant Stipend for next year, but not at the expense of the number of stipends available. This would be the first increase in the amount in five years. He asked for recommendations for the amount of the proposed stipend increase. Somervill distributed a draft of the revised Graduate Assistantship System document for Council members to review and discuss at a later meeting. He will also be seeking input from the Deans Student Advisory Committee. Somervill reported that the audit being conducted by the Pappas group was not yet completed.
Walker announced that the Awards Recognition Reception will be held on Tuesday, April 30 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Georgian Lounge.
Crew said that he was part of the response team to review the draft of the Strategic Plan and said that a new version will be distributed. He encouraged Council members to respond to this new draft.
Patton said that his office was continuing to have difficulties with the Graduate Incomplete Contract in that they never receive a contract for approximately 25% of the "I" grades. Sometimes they get the contract after the "I" has changed to an "F" and sometimes without a student signature. He recommends eliminating the contract effective immediately. Somervill noted that the 6 week deadline serves as an impetus to completing the course, which was the main purpose of the revised system, and therefore the contract was probably not necessary. Kalmar asked how many were completed within the 6 week deadline and Patton said that he did not have that information available. He said that some still come through as grade changes, but the revised process has been helpful in getting the incompletes taken care of earlier. East said that he liked having the contract because then anyone can know what the student needs to do to complete the course so if the instructor is not available someone else could take over. Somervill noted that the contract could still be an option but there were no penalties if it is not done. Stefanich moved to eliminate the contract. Motion was seconded and passed.
East asked Patton if during registration the junior standing requirement on 100g courses is enforced only at the option of the department. Patton said that departments determine which prerequisites are enforced. Fahmy noted that the new registration process added a lot of work at the departmental level and wondered if it would decrease. Patton said that the plan was that advisors help students register as they are talking with them and that approvals are to be given by faculty rather than merit staff. He said that the system will be expanding with more sites available to register.
Doody requested that the Council consider a revision in the residence requirement for the EdD program, reducing 24 credits to 18 and eliminating the consecutive semester requirement. This would allow students to meet the requirement with enrollment for two summers. Stefanich said that this would help serve the western area of the state. Fahmy questioned whether they would be able to offer enough classes during the summer due to the limited budget. Stefanich said that they have been able to tailor a solid summer enrollment. Somervill asked that Doody compose a proposal to be distributed to Council members for consideration at the next meeting.
It was reported that Biology and Chemistry were interested in revising the policy on the minimum number of hours of coursework required and the number of research hours required.. Fahmy said that the departments should come to discuss these issues and have a prepared motion for the Council to act upon.
Somervill asked if progress was being made on the curricular handbook. Kalmar said that Shields had not yet been able to work on it.
Safford asked if any progress had been made on the procedural guidelines for offering programs on the ICN. Waggoner said that he would check with Decker.
Meeker moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be February 8, 1996 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.