Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #846

November 9, 1995


Present: Chao, Crew, Decker, Dungan, East, V. Jackson, Meeker, Quirk, Safford, Shields, Somervill, Stefanich, Walker
Absent: Fahmy, Hageman, Ishler, Raiklin, Yohe
Visitor: E. A. Dennis (Industrial Technology)
Minutes #845 were approved as published.
Somervill reported that President Koob's address to the Graduate Faculty had been videotaped. He has viewed the tape and its quality is excellent. There are two copies available in the Graduate College which can be checked out to faculty for three days. Somervill said that he continues to receive items to be changed and incorporated into the misconduct in science document. He will bring the document to the Council next semester. The document on the assistantship system will also be ready next semester.
Meeker said that the Graduate Dean's Student Advisory Committee was discussing the possibility of dissemination of abstracts of theses. East asked if abstracts of research papers could be included. Somervill said that possibly published research could be included.
Walker announced that there were 13 early PDL applications which are already in the hands of the committee. There were 58 Summer Fellowship applications from 60 faculty, which is a substantial decrease from last year.
Walker announced that Bruce Frana (Curriculum & Instruction and Science Education) had received the Outstanding Dissertation Award. There were 4 dissertations nominated. There were 11 theses nominated for the Outstanding Thesis Award, which went to Sergio Chaigneau (Psychology). Heather Rhoads (Science Education) received second place and Saed Jamal Abu-Hijleh (Geography) received third place. Letters will be sent to all winners, nominees, and their advisors.
Shields moved to go to executive session to discuss the Distinguished Scholar Award. Motion was second and passed. Quirk moved to rise from executive session. Motion was seconded and passed. Decker moved to unanimously accept the committee recommendation that the Distinguished Scholar Award go to Albert Gilgen (Psychology). Motion was seconded and passed. Crew thanked Walker and the committee for their efforts. Letters will be sent to all nominees. Somervill and Walker will send a joint letter this spring emphasizing that the process for nominations for the Distinguished Scholar Award must begin with a department's Graduate Faculty.
Reconsideration of the "I" contract policy was tabled until Phil Patton can attend.
Shields said that 1986-87 was the last time that the "g" policy on 100-level courses had been discussed. Stefanich said that the "g" was valuable in the College of Education, letting masters students take upper division courses to strengthen their background and enabling departments to attract a broader audience. Somervill said that the Council should consider specific concerns and/or changes. After some discussion, East suggested appointing a committee to review the current policy and make recommendations. Chao moved to have the Graduate College Curriculum Committee review all policies and procedures involved in the graduate curricular process. Motion was seconded. Meeker made a friendly amendment to add, including clarification of the "g" level status. Stefanich made a friendly amendment to add, and utilization of 100-level courses on graduate programs. Shields said that the committee should report during the spring semester. Motion passed.
Jackson warned that several Council policies involved in registration can be avoided through the self-registration system. She is discussing this with the Registrar.
Items to be publicized include the Distinguished Scholar Award, Outstanding Thesis Award, and Outstanding Dissertation Award winners.
Stefanich moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be January 25, 1996 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.