Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #843

September 28, 1995


Present: Chao, Crew, Decker, Dungan, East, Fahmy, Hageman, Ishler, V. Jackson, Meeker, Quirk, Safford, Shields, Somervill, Stefanich, Walker, Yohe
Absent: Das
Visitors: Richard McGuire (Communicative Disorders)
Minutes #842 were approved as published. Fahmy said that in the minutes of one of last year's meetings he had been attributed as saying that Industrial Technology faculty didn't like E-mail. He asked that the minutes reflect that what he had meant to say was that many UNI faculty didn't like E-mail.
Somervill said that he should have additional enrollment data by the next meeting.
Walker thanked Crew, Stefanich and Cooper on behalf of the PDL committee for their letter encouraging early submission of PDL applications. He said that a letter has been sent to the thesis/dissertation advisor for all students who graduated on the thesis/dissertation plan between October 1, 1994 and September 30, 1995 informing them of the Outstanding Thesis and Outstanding Dissertation awards. He reported that MAGS has changed the deadline for submission of our nominee for their competition to November 10 so the Committee will have to submit the thesis of the UNI winner before reporting to the Council on November 9. We will need to adjust our schedule for future years.
Somervill asked to postpone the proposed policy on patents, inventions, copyrights, etc. until the next meeting in order to present a more polished document. He will distribute the document to Council members before the meeting.
Chao reported that the Graduate College Curriculum Committee has received the curricular packets and are in the process of evaluating them and having departments respond to questions and concerns. They are planning to report in November.
Somervill recommended that a handbook for the Graduate Curriculum process be developed which would give a clearer statement of the general guidelines. He felt it would be of much use to departments. East said that the Committee needs to get stronger curricular proposals from departments rather than having to go back to get needed information and that the proposed handbook should help. He suggested it should include guidelines for preparing the curricular packet. He asked if changes could be made in the questions asked for graduate course approval. Fahmy suggested that the Graduate College Curriculum Committee meet with the University Curriculum Committee. It was suggested that during the off year perhaps the Graduate College Curriculum Committee could consult informally with departments which will be proposing new programs or had other questions so they could get guidance on the process. Shields agreed to chair the handbook committee. Several other names were suggested as faculty familiar with the curricular process who might be willing to serve. Shields will contact them and form a committee. Chao noted that the curricular packets should have been approved by the college faculty senates before being submitted.
Crew said that it had been suggested that the three enhanced programs give short presentations to update the Council on how they were utilizing the additional resources. Ishler suggested having them include what their program goals are and how they are using the increased resources to work toward them. Crew will contact the departments to schedule presentations during the spring semester.
Somervill said that the document on the Graduate Assistantship system at UNI was approved by the Council in 1988. It is now out of date in several regards, including the stipend and scholarship are now separate due to IRS regulation and an increase in sources offering stipends, such as grants and centers. Some sources don't understand the intent of the Council for the Assistantship. Some don't understand that the letter of offer for all stipends and scholarships comes from the Graduate College no matter what the source of funds. Other areas which need to be addressed include the expectation of service for the award, due process for the student, a way of informing the student if he/she is not meeting expectations, conditions for termination, expectations for international and American assistants. He said that there needs to be a clearer statement of what is expected and the meaning and philosophy behind the system. Fahmy moved to have Somervill draft a document for discussion and approval by the Council. Motion was seconded and passed. Fahmy said that there should be no distinction between international and American assistants. Somervill said that in order to comply with federal regulations, international students can work no more than a total of 20 hours per week while school is in session and therefore cannot have another job while on an assistantship. They could be hired during the interim periods, however. Decker asked if students working toward an advanced studies certificate, but not a degree, could be considered for an assistantship. Somervill said that since there are more degree students who would like an assistantship than there are assistantships available, non-degree students will not be eligible. East suggested including the evaluation of the GA's and of the assistantship experience. Walker suggested including a reminder that a person cannot be on both faculty (or P & S) and student support.
Stefanich announced that there will be a meeting of the Graduate Faculty on October 30, 1995 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in Sabin 102. President Robert Koob will discuss graduate education and graduate faculty issues at UNI. Stefanich asked that Council members encourage their colleagues to attend. Send Stefanich or Crew suggestions for questions or areas of concern for President Koob to address. Fahmy asked if Graduate Assistants could also be invited. Meeker suggested inviting all graduate students to the Graduate Faculty meeting.
Safford reminded everyone of the meetings with the visiting strategic planning panel tomorrow.
Quirk asked if there had been a response from the strategic planning committee regarding strengthening the graduate component. Somervill said that further development of the plan was postponed until the new president could have input and he does not know what happened to last spring's input from the Graduate College and Graduate Council. He feels that the new plan will be very general and that it will be up to the colleges and departments to become more specific.
Yohe reported that President Koob has asked ISCS to move forward as quickly as possible in three areas: update the phone system, make administrative data more accessible, and design a universal debit library activity smart card. He said that they are in the process of requesting proposals and hiring consultants for a new phone system.
Items to be publicized include the Graduate Faculty meeting.
Crew reminded Council members that they need to submit to Hesse the name of their alternate, in writing, in order for the alternate to be able to vote on Council matters. Following is a listing of designated (voting) alternates:
Graduate Council Member
Chandra Das
Paul Chao
Mohammed Fahmy
Philip East
Margaret Ishler
Robert Decker
Carolyn Shields
Carlin Hageman
Charles Quirk
Keith Crew
Greg Stefanich
Fred Meeker
Dawn Dungan
Mike Waggoner
Robert Martin
Norris Durham
Quirk moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be October 12, 1995 at 3:30 p.m. in Seerley 3.