Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #824

December 9, 1993


Present: Chao, Crew, Gaies, Huddleston, Kirmani, Lew, MacArthur, K. Martin (for Safford), R. Martin, Simet, Somervill, Walker, Yohe
Absent: Decker, Durham, V. Jackson
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost); John Fecik, Ervin Dennis (Industrial Technology); Philip East (Computer Science); Edward Rathmell, Joel Haack, Glenn Nelson, Jack Wilkinson, Diane Thiessen (Mathematics)
Minutes #823 were approved as published.
Somervill inquired when the committee assessing graduate programs for enhancement would be ready to report. Simet said the committee should report at the end of January.
Kirmani presented the Graduate College Curriculum Committee report. He said that most of the curricular proposals had been approved by the Committee, some with minor modifications. Kirmani moved to approve those proposals. Motion was seconded and passed.
Kirmani identified four proposals on which the Committee had been divided that required additional action by the Graduate Council: (1) Addition of a "g" to three courses in Industrial Technology, which initially had not been approved by the Committee, was recommended for approval after submission of revised justifications by the department. Kirmani moved approval of this proposal. Motion was seconded and passed. (2) Kirmani outlined concerns of the Committee regarding the proposal from Mathematics involving several new courses and a restatement of the major in Mathematics for Elementary and Middle Schools (K-9). After some discussion, during which it was noted that a late appointment to the Committee had shortened the available time for deliberation and interaction, Gaies moved to return the proposal to the Committee. Motion was seconded and passed. Simet requested that the Committee report back at a special Council meeting on January 20, 1994. (3) Kirmani reported that the Committee could make no recommendation regarding the proposed course 81:200 from Computer Science. After considerable discussion, Kirmani moved that the Council not approve the course. Motion was seconded and passed. (4) Kirmani said that consultation regarding the new course 62:1xxg from the Department of English Language and Literature was continuing so the Committee was unable to recommend approval. The Council took no action on the proposed course.
Simet thanked the Committee for the work to this point and said that the Council looked forward to completion of the curricular process at the January 20 meeting.
Further agenda items were postponed due to time limitations.
Simet announced that Durham was seeking suggestions for a speaker for the spring Graduate Faculty meeting.
Crew moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Ira Simet
Secretary Pro Tem
Next meeting will be January 20, 1994 at 3:30 p.m. in Gilchrist 207.