Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #808

September 10, 1992


Present: Fahmy, Gaies, V. Jackson, MacArthur, Maier, R. Martin, Simet, S. Smaldino, Somervill, Walker, Yohe
Absent: Clayson, Durham, Lew, Safford
Visitors: Nancy Marlin (Vice President and Provost); Jack Wielenga (Registrar's Office); John Fecik (Industrial Technology)
Fahmy welcomed everyone and introductions were made.
Minutes #807 were approved as published.
Maier nominated Fahmy for Chair of the Graduate Council. Nomination was seconded. Smaldino moved that nominations cease. Motion was seconded. Fahmy was elected as Chair. Martin nominated Smaldino for Vice-Chair. Nomination was seconded. Smaldino nominated Durham for Vice-Chair. Nomination was seconded. Smaldino was elected.
Somervill said that Vice President Marlin has increased the Faculty Research Account for this year so it will be possible to assist more faculty with funding for travel, projects, and publications. Funds have also been provided to increase Graduate Assistant salaries from $5800 to $6000 for masters students and from $8700 to $9000 for doctoral students. According to enrollment reports from the Registrar, graduate student enrollment has increased this year by 45 to 1,209 students. Somervill said that he plans to attend all doctoral defenses this year and encouraged Council members to attend as many as they can. Last year the Board of Regents asked that a policy on the evaluation and training of teaching assistants be developed. Somervill distributed the document which has been developed and approved by the Academic Affairs Council. It applies only to graduate assistants who are fully responsible for teaching a course. To Somervill's knowledge these type of assistants are only used in Communication Studies, Modern Languages, and English Language and Literature. Copies of the policy will be distributed to all departments. The policy is effective immediately.
Walker gave the following statistics concerning the use of funds in the research account during the last fiscal year:
Type Amount # People Average Award
Travel $44,003 255 $173
Project 32,806 97 338
Publication 1,553 16 97
Dist Scholar 10,713 29 369
Sum Fellows 9,837 31 317
Walker gave the following 1992-93 application deadlines: Distinguished Scholar, Friday, October 9; Summer Fellowships, Monday, November 2; PDL, Monday, November 16. He reported that progress is being made in the return and compilation of the research and creative activity surveys and asked that faculty please respond if they haven't already. Lori Clark, the assistant working on the compilation, will be contacting faculty whose paragraphs are difficult to understand and so need to be revised. Somervill distributed information on TOEFL scores provided by the Registrar's Office. Several groups have met and have drafted a proposal concerning the use of the TOEFL scores in the process of admission of international students. Jackson asked that it be discussed at the September 24 meeting. Key elements of the proposal include: the Director of International Services will forward completed application files of all international graduate students to the appropriate academic department for admission decision regardless of the student's TOEFL score; graduate programs will continue to be able to set a higher standard for admission than TOEFL score of 500 if they desire; international students who apply for admission with TOEFL scores less than 500 will have their application denied, with the denial letter informing the student that the application will be reconsidered if the student retakes the TOEFL and receives a score of 500 or better, or if the student successfully completes the Culture and Intensive English Program.
Walker outlined the current procedures for Summer Fellowship and PDL competitions. He announces the availability of the awards and their deadlines as often as possible, both in writing and orally. A follow-up policy has been initiated where the recipients must file with the Graduate College a summary of their activities during the award. If a second award is requested, a summary of what was accomplished during the first award is required. The volume of Summer Fellowship applications has increased but PDL applications are low. More faculty are taking advantage of the 4-week Summer Fellowship. The selection committee now fills out a form for each application so those who don't get selected have some feedback available. Suggestions for improving any facet of the process (advertising, selection, or follow-up) are encouraged.
Smaldino asked if we could anticipate how course offerings next summer will be funded so departments can use that information in determining spring and summer courses in an effort to help eliminate some of the problems that occurred this past summer. Somervill noted that the University will always be concerned with the economics of summer offerings and said that departments could encourage students to take their research hours during the summer. He said that the Graduate College will continue to follow the policy of only those students who have had a full tuition scholarship during both the preceding fall and spring semesters being eligible for summer tuition support and continuing education classes not being eligible for support. Smaldino and Fahmy will identify people with concerns in this area and will set up a meeting with Somervill for further discussion and to obtain more specific information which can be presented to the Academic Affairs Council at a later time.
Council members were reminded to write to Mary Ann Hesse by the next Council meeting providing the names of their alternates.
Fahmy appointed Martin as the Council representative to the Regent Faculty Award Committee. Representatives from Business, Education, and Social and Behavioral Science need to be appointed to the Graduate College Curriculum Committee. Martin suggested abolishing the Doctoral Subcommittee and instead have the two programs submit reports each year. This will be considered at a later meeting. Gaies and MacArthur agreed to serve on the Distinguished Scholar Committee. Committee assignments will be finalized at the next meeting.
Maier moved to adjourn. Motion was seconded and passed. Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ann Hesse
Next meeting will be September 24, 1992 at 3:30 p.m. in Gilchrist Board Room.