Graduate College

Graduate Council Minutes #1069

Graduate Council Meeting

Sept 28, 2017


Present:  Berendzen, Bullard, Curran, Cyphert, Edmister, Olivares, Pohl, Schupanitz, Weeg

Absent: Al-Mabuk, Igou, O’loughlin, Pease, Rod-Welch, Schwieger.

Chair Pohl called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

There was a motion to approve the minutes of the September 14 meeting. The motion was voted on; motion carried and the September 14, 2017 minutes were approved unanimously.

Graduate College Reports:

Reports by Gabriela Olivares:

Olivares reported that GCC reviewed a proposed MBA graduate certificate program for 15 units designed to attract students in medical fields. Allen College initially reached out to the College of Business Administration to see if there was a possibility of offering a certificate for their current enrolled MSN students who are interested in more administrative roles. Both institutions agreed on a partnership. The new certificate will not require additional staffing: all courses are currently offered on a regular basis and offer sufficient capacity.

Olivares also reported that GCC has evaluated curricular proposals from 3 Colleges, including CBA and   CSBS (3 new courses), CHAS-Science (no new courses) and CHAS-Humanities (4 new courses).

Reports by Gayle Pohl:

Pohl reported that the Brown Bag Lecture on Sept. 28 was very successful. The speakers Dr. Zeitz and Dr. Gao talked about Global Collaboration Projects that connect kids with the world. The next lecture is on Monday, Oct 2 in Lang Hall from 12:00 – 12:50 p.m. Paul Siddens will discuss being graphic in real life. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Cookies will be served.  

New Business:

  • Discussion occurred on the graduate credit transfer form. Olivares reported that the credit transfer evaluation form has been revised. It is now a longer version of the original form with more options. The revised form has the option to indicate whether to initiate credit transfer prior to taking a class or after a class was taken. The new form will included Grad College policy and step-by-step process of how a transfer occurs. The chain of action will now include the Office of Admissions, graduate coordinators, Graduate College and the Registrar’s Office.
  • Discussion occurred on the existing faculty Petition Form. On the website, the form has now been moved from the Graduate Council page to the main Graduate College home page. If a faculty member has issues or concerns and want the Graduate Council to review it, the professor can fill out the form and submit. An email will be sent confirming that the form has been transmitted to the Associate Dean of the Graduate College. Requests will be considered in the order they come. The Graduate College wants the faculty to be assured that the Graduate Council is there to hear from them.  
  • Pohl asked the Graduate Council members if they wanted to petition Faculty Senate to have a Graduate Council representative. There was elaborate discussion whether this was beneficial to the Graduate College or even an acceptable idea. The question is whether the Graduate Council should have a separate voice in the Senate. The decision needs to be made directly by the Council members. Some members thought it would make sense to send a representative from the Graduate College, but it might sound redundant when all colleges are already represented at the University Senate. The issue is that the Graduate College does not function as a separate College, instead it looks over the graduate programs of all existing colleges at UNI. On the other hand, there might be situations where specific needs of a graduate program might be overlooked if a focused representative is not there. Then there are certain issues that are solely relating to the Graduate College, which will justify a representative. Also, this will elevate the image of the Graduate Council. It was decided to defer this topic to another meeting so everyone has a chance to explore all sides of the issue.

Old Business:

Process for Associate Graduate Faculty Status: The agenda has been deferred to a future meeting for Dean Pease to address it. Discussion occurred on two additional topics as follows:

1. The Graduate Council needs to select a member to serve on the Academic Program Review Committee. It is a 3-year term. The person has to be an Associate or a Full Professor. Responsibilities include reviewing departmental self-study reports, providing individual consulting for program representatives that are undergoing program reviews, and meeting with eternal reviewers. Pohl asked for self-nominations or recommendation of names who are willing to serve.

2. President Nook will attend the Graduate Council meeting on October 26. Pohl mentioned that the Council needs to come up with questions and comments to bring up to the President. The members of the Graduate Council were asked to think about important questions in regards to graduate education, graduate programming, or on any aspect of the Graduate College. Also, the Graduate Council should be ready with information or data that President might want to know, such as number of graduate students, Graduate College functioning, program highlights, programs that are really growing, etc. This will allow President Nook to represent us outside UNI more effectively.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be on Oct. 12, at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rubina Chowdhury