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Graduate Council Minutes #1002

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 1002

April 14, 2011

Present:  Bauman, Clayton, Coon, Czarnetzki, Etscheidt, Hays, Hood, Husband, Licari, Matvienko, Pohl, Schuchart, Waldron, Wurtz

The meeting was called to order by Clayton.  Motion by Pohl to approve the minutes of the March 24, 2011 meeting; seconded by Bauman.  Motion approved.

Licari informed the Council that the Fourth Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium that was held Monday and Wednesday was very successful.  He was pleased with the quality of participants and thought it was a good showcase of students’ accomplishments and hopes that students benefited from the experience.

Licari suggested that the symposium take place earlier in the semester next year since April is such a busy month with other University events.  Having the symposium earlier would showcase graduate student work more by allowing the entire campus to focus on the event.

A suggestion was also made to re-engage alumni into the symposium.  Having alumni on campus would make a statement, attract more attention to graduate work, and show current graduate students what other graduates have gone on to do.  Licari made note of this suggestion.

Although the issue would not be addressed right away, but over the course of the next year, Licari made the Council aware that it will need to think about the U.S. Department of Education’s regulations related to the redefinition of the credit hour and what constitutes a credit hour.  He noted that the credit hour is no longer linked to seat time, so everyone needs to think about what a credit hour actually is and the current basis of the credit hour. 

Brief discussion took place regarding the role of representatives on the Academic Program Review Committee.  Licari thanked Pohl for agreeing to serve on the APR Committee.

On behalf of Susie Schwieger, Coon informed the Council that by and large the Graduate Student Research Symposium went very well.  She added that Jaimie Bell and Jackie McAndrew did a great job and that the ten creative performances were excellent.  Coon also gave an overview of the oral and poster presentations.

Coon noted that the members of the Graduate Student Advisory Board had lunch with President and Mrs. Allen on Tuesday.  She said she was proud of the students’ questions and the issues that were raised and mentioned that President Allen was making notes during the conversation.

Related to the SIS, Coon said the most recent discussions have been on how courses that are separate in the SIS can be combined into eLearning.  The combination has been made and will transfer into the new system.  The seat limit for combined courses was also briefly mentioned.  Cross-listed courses currently have not been transferred into eLearning, but is being worked on.  Coon noted that a combined e-mail listserv and assessment packet is being developed for combined courses.

Waldron reminded everyone that the Annual Graduate Faculty Meeting would be taking place next Thursday, April 21 in Seerley 115.  The Graduate Education Strategic Plan will be unveiled at the meeting and Pohl, Hays and Etscheidt will serve as panel discussants to field questions.  Waldron also mentioned the upcoming vote for a new graduate faculty chair and the university faculty chair.

New Basis of Representation on the Graduate Council

As discussed in the last Council meeting, Clayton noted that due to the merging of CNS and CHFA, there are issues related to University governance and how the number of Graduate Council representatives would be determined.  Based on a recommendation from the CNS/CHFA merger working group, the Council is proposing making representation based on the number of graduate faculty in each college.  It was noted that the proposal would need to go to the graduate faculty for a vote and there needs to be a one-week notice prior to the vote. 

Proposed Graduate Council Representation:

<200 graduate faculty = 2 reps

200-299 graduate faculty = 4 reps

>300 graduate faculty = 6 reps

Hays made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Czarnetzki.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Cheryl Nedrow