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Graduate Council Minutes #1001

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes No. 1001

March 24, 2011

Present:  Bauman, Clayton, Coon, Czarnetzki, Matvienko, Hays, Licari, Pohl, Schuchart, Waldron, Wurtz

Guest: Susie Schwieger

The meeting was called to order by Clayton.  Minutes from the February 24, 2011 were considered.  It was noted that Etscheidt’s name was omitted from the list of strategic plan committee  members.  Motion by Waldron to approve the minutes of the February 24, 2011 meeting with this addition; seconded by Bauman.  Motion approved.

Licari informed everyone that the increase in the late application fee to $100 that was passed  by the Council did not move to the Board of Regents for consideration.  The fee is well above those at U of I and Iowa State, so it was decided that this item would be moved to the UNI cabinet for consideration.

Licari noted that the Board of Regents approved a 5% tuition increase for UNI and as a result, the contingent language could be taken out of offer letters.  He added that although we do know the tuition scholarship information, we do not know stipend information as yet.

Related to the Committee on Academic Program Review, Licari noted that the committee consists of a member from each college, including the Graduate College.  Lauren Nelson’s term has ended and a replacement needs to be named.  Licari said he would take recommendations and needs names fairly quickly, by the end of next week.  Licari will appoint someone if no names are received.

Related to the new SIS, Coon announced that the system would be moving forward with fall registration in a couple of weeks.  Faculty are being asked to look at their current students and test the new advisement report for their advisees.  Coon recommended printing out the current Plan of Study which was recently updated, and then look at the new advisement report to see if the courses are applied to the POS correctly.  She added that any help the Council could give related to testing the system would be appreciated.

Schwieger noted that the Fourth Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium would be a two-day event coming up on April 11 and 13.  There will be 10 creative performances in Davis Hall on April 11.  On April 13, there will be 26 poster presentations and 18 oral presentations taking place in the lower level of Maucker Union.  She also mentioned that the Graduate Student Advisory Board would be having lunch with President and Mrs. Allen on April 12, during symposium week.  The lunch gives students an opportunity to talk with the president regarding graduate life at UNI.  She concluded by informing the Council that interviews would be taking place for two open Graduate Assistant positions in the Graduate College and added that there has been a good mix of applicants.

Waldron reported that the last brown bag, Kavita Dhawada’s presentation related to concerns regarding herbicides, was held yesterday.  The presentation was interesting, easy to understand and was very well attended.  She also mentioned that the Graduate Faculty meeting would be coming up on April 21 at 3:30 p.m.

Graduate Education Strategic Plan

Clayton noted that the Graduate Education Strategic Plan Committee met following the last Graduate Council meeting and the most recent version was provided to Council members via e-mail.

Waldron said that some of the goals and objectives had been reworked and objectives had been moved as a result of the Councils suggestions and edits.

Clayton shared feedback she had received from those who could not attend the meeting and noted that there were no additional changes recommended.  It was noted that if approved, the plan would be presented at the upcoming graduate faculty meeting.

Motion made by Hays to approve the draft of the Graduate Education Strategic Plan; seconded by Pohl.

During brief discussion minor edits were noted.  Hays called the question.  Motion approved.

Clayton asked that Council members encourage colleagues to attend the graduate faculty meeting on April 21 to ask any questions they may have regarding rationale behind the strategic plan.  She also commented that this is not an end, but a beginning to the graduate education strategic planning process.

Identification of Graduation Requirements for Graduate Programs

Since the SIS is still being built, there is an opportunity to have a one-time change to the catalog rather than a department having to go through the curriculum process.  The means of doing this would be that the Registrar’s Office would send an official query to all graduate programs.  Coon said she is waiting for Diane Wallace to indicate whether or not she is in favor and wanted to get the Council’s input and approval.

Motion made by Pohl for approval for the Registrar’s Office to issue a query of all graduate programs regarding the type of culminating project their students may complete.  Seconded by Bauman; motion passed.

New Basis of Representation on the Graduate Council

Clayton made the Council aware that as a result of the CNS/CHFA merger work groups have been formed related to the merger, with one of those groups looking at college representation on various bodies.  Discussion took place regarding current college representation in the Graduate Faculty Constitution.  It was noted that the work group is proposing that committee representation on the Council be related to the number of graduate faculty in the college.  After some discussion, Clayton noted that in talking with Dean Haack, he asked that the Council not make a policy change until the work groups have had a chance to hold their open fora.  Clayton noted that representation on the Council would not currently change, but could in the future.

The proposed representation is as follows:

            <200 graduate faculty = 2 reps

              200-299 graduate faculty = 4 reps

            >300 graduate faculty = 6 reps

Hays made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Czarnetzki.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Nedrow