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April 22, 2004

Present: Bozylinsky; Coulter; Fecik; Gallager; Mack; MacLin; McGlade; Nelson; Pettit; Pohl; Rajendran; Schafer; Somervill; Thompson, Walker


Call to Order

Two corrections to the March 11 minutes were suggested. First, MacLin's name in the list of participants was corrected. Second, in the Dean's Report, Associate Dean McGlade had indicated ''that the graduate student web page will be demonstrated at the next Graduate Council meeting,'' not the Graduate Faculty meeting. Minutes approved as amended.


Dean's Report – none


Announcements – Associate Dean McGlade reminded Graduate Council members of the reception at her home later this evening and encouraged their attendance.

McGlade then demonstrated the new Graduate College Student Community web site. At this time, it has links for the Dean's Graduate Student Advisory Council, the UNI Career Center, and a discussion forum. Later, the Graduate College hopes to add alumni information and the ability to hold ''virtual reunions.'' McGlade said they hoped to provide more than one forum with separate ones for various groups, such as MA, EDD, MS and other groups, as well as a general forum for current and for prospective students. She indicated that they hoped to have both faculty and Graduate Council members able to access and participate in the discussions, as that would permit them to clarify issues and/or policies. They also plan to establish a general forum on which to post announcements, scholarship information, and other information of general interest to all graduate students. They would also like to add a section on fellowships and another on how graduate students can prepare for Ph.D. studies. Council members expressed their enthusiasm for the site and its possibilities and suggested other useful links, such as the library.

Somervill mentioned that the Graduate College had just received approval of a new grant for students entering the master's program in math or science. The grant would pay a $6,000 fellowship in addition to their scholarship, plus an almost guaranteed admission to the doctoral program at the University of Iowa or Iowa State University.

McGlade had previously distributed a recommendation from the Graduate Forms and Procedures Task Force about implementing a February 1 deadline for the submission of admissions applications by students, both US and international, seeking financial assistance. With such a deadline, complete admission files can be sent to the academic departments more efficiently. At the present time, files go to the departments on a rolling basis and materials get misfiled or mislaid, or communications between involved parties get confused.

McGlade noted that UNI is the only Regents' institution not to have such a deadline. Such a deadline permits us to be more competitive with other universities, especially when students may receive multiple offers. This change does NOT preclude a department from making offers to students at other times of year as new (grants, for example) funds become available. Several Graduate Council members mentioned that their departments had earlier deadlines.

McGlade indicated that this recommendation did not mean that departments might not have earlier deadlines.

After discussion, John Fecik moved that the catalog be changed to read: ''US and International students who are seeking financial assistance and wish to receive the fullest consideration must submit a completed application (please see following requirements) by February 1. US students must submit a completed application to the Office of the Registrar. International students must submit a completed application to the Office of Admissions. Many graduate departments have earlier deadlines, which are indicated in their departmental materials. All departmental materials should be reviewed carefully for information about earlier deadlines.'' Schafer seconded – motion approved.


Items for publication –

McGlade apologized profusely for having overlooked the Accounting changes in the Graduate College Curriculum Committee report. She distributed copies of those changes and reviewed them. The first form included two minor changes: clarifying the language in the catalog to make sure undergraduate Accounting students have completed all of their classes before registering for graduate credit as seniors; and allowing students to take a specific course to satisfy one component of the Master's of Accounting program and still take 9 credit hours of graduate accounting electives. Thompson moved for adoption, Schafer seconded. Motion passed.


Other business –

MacLin shared an email message from Richard Utz apologizing for his missing the meeting and thanking the Council for their assistance during his tenure on the Graduate Council.

Coulter asked about the status of the MA in Philanthropy program and the start of classes, if approved. Somervill indicated that if the Senate approved the program at its April 26 meeting, it would get docketed for the August Board of Regents meeting. That would mean they could begin offering classes with the January 2005 term.


Thompson moved to adjourn; Schafer seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia M. Coulter