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Graduate College

Graduate College Curriculum Committee (GCCC)

The GCCC was established by the UNI Faculty Senate on September 22, 1977 as an advisory group to aid the Graduate Council in its evaluation of graduate curricular proposals. It reports directly to the Graduate Council.

The membership of the GCCC is comprised of voting members elected from each academic college for three-year terms as described below, one member of the Rod Library graduate faculty, the joint UCC-GCCC faculty representative, and two voting members appointed by the Graduate Council.  The Associate Dean of the Graduate College is an ex-officio member and serves as Chair. The GCCC is aided by other ex-officio members including staff members of the Office of the Registrar, and the chair of the Teacher Education Faculty.

Academic College Representation is determined as follows:

<200 graduate faculty members = 1 representatives

  200-299 graduate faculty members = 2 representatives

>300 graduate faculty members = 3 representatives


Graduate College Curriculum Committee Membership List, 2017-2018


The minutes for the GCCC meetings are as follows: