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Effective March 19, 2020, the Graduate College office is closed to walk-ins. Support will continue to be offered via electronic means. Please contact the Graduate College office @ and (319) 273-2748

March 23, 2020: Graduate College Update


Graduate Assistantships

With the ongoing university-wide conversations about the impact of COVID-19, guidance about contingency plans for GAs are as follows. UNI respects and values the work of our GAs. The Graduate College requests that supervisors ensure our GAs complete responsibilities/tasks and receive their salary in the event of reduced operations on campus or other impacts due to COVID-19. Supervisors should use their judgment in determining how GAs engage in their work. With the university moving all face-to-face classes to online learning, we ask for extra flexibility in your work with GAs and consideration of how their work can be moved to remote and telecommuting.

This may include:

  1. Allowing GAs to work remotely
  2. Helping TAs know available technology to move their class to an electronic format
  3. Preparing departmental-level projects that GAs can do remotely
  4. Within reason, permitting GAs to make up hours within the semester

We encourage you to have discussions with your GA about contingency plans, including conversations about remote access to their work. 


Graduate Assistantship & Tuition Scholarship Allocation Process

The Graduate College has decided to be flexible with deadlines related to the GA and TS process for academic year 20-21. Sending offers to students as soon as possible is advised to ensure their enrollment and financial support status. The new dates are as follows:

March 27: Deadline for academic departments & support units to submit Extra Allocations and Re-Allocations Requests via online form.

April 15: Deadline for academic departments & support units to send GA and/or TS offers to all students.

April 29: Deadline for students to accept/decline offers.

May 6: Deadline for academic departments & support units to offer declined funding.

May 15: Deadline for supervisors to perform appraisal evaluation (Spring 2020 AY).

May 20: Deadline for students to accept/decline re-offered funding.

May 22: Unused GA and TS allocations will return back to the Graduate College.



English Proficiency

For students residing in countries where testing, such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, etc., has been suspended, or in locations where test centers are closed, International Admissions and the Graduate College recommends departments consider the following alternatives for proof of English proficiency:


Policy Changes

Further adjustments to policies may be made as the situation progresses. Please refer back to this page and contact your program for the most updated information.


Thesis & Dissertation Contingency Planning

Graduate Faculty Leaders and the Graduate College have agreed on suggested contingency plans given the situation with COVID-19. These recommendations have the support of graduate faculty leaders. Sample recommendations for degree completion and theses/dissertation processes are included in this message. Please let us know if you need assistance. Thank you for your commitment to our graduate students.


Note: this outlines the full process of completion. The most current information with updated deadlines can be found on


Rod Library

Rod Library is closed as of noon on 3/16/2020 until further notice. Remote library resources can be found:

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